Solana is back online after another outage.This is what happened

Solana is back online after an outage on Friday night Block the blockchain from processing transactions.

The issue appears to be caused by a misconfigured node or computer running the Solana software required for the network to function, According to Stakewiza Solana validator operator.

this Not the first major disruption or issue with blockchain. This year alone, Solana has handled multiple outages, performance degradation, and network instability. Solana, September 2021 Offline for nearly 18 hours.

Solana did not immediately respond wealthrequest for comment.

Solana State Twitter The account confirmed the latest installments at 8:45 p.m. ET on Friday and 3:4 a.m. ET on Saturday, noting that the validator operator has “successfully completed a cluster restart of the Solana mainnet.”

While “analysis is still ongoing,” Stakewiz tweeted, “the offending validators appear to be running a duplicate instance, and both of their instances are producing a block.”

This resulted in “ambiguous code paths where validators cannot switch back to the heaviest (main) fork. Validators are ‘stuck’ on the wrong fork and cannot reach the winning fork.”

As noted cryptocurrency critic Molly White Her blog “Web3 is going well”, “It’s a little surprising that in a so-called decentralized network, a single node can take the entire network offline.”

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