Slain Al Jazeera journalist is an icon of Palestinian reporting

The Al Jazeera journalist who was shot dead during an Israeli raid on the West Bank on Wednesday was a respected journalist in the Middle East, known to millions of viewers for his unwavering reporting.

news Shireen Abu Ackley‘s death reverberated across the region. The 51-year-old journalist became a household name, synonymous with Al Jazeera’s coverage of life during the occupation. she Over two decades of reporting in the Palestinian territories, including during a second intifada or intifada, killed thousands of people on both sides, most of them Palestinians.

Abu Ackley |His name went viral on Twitter in Arabic on Wednesday, sparking support for Palestinians on social media. she The images were projected on the main square of the West Bank city of Ramallah, where mourners poured into the Al Jazeera offices, she Family home in East Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera and witnesses, including she Producer shot in the back Wednesday says she Shot dead by Israel. Israel said it was unclear who was responsible, saying it was “premature and irresponsible at this stage”.

Abu Ackley |Reports of the harsh reality of the Israeli military occupation and she Experience as a Palestinian journalist on the front lines. she The deaths underscore the heavy toll the conflict continues to inflict on Palestinians, regardless of their role as journalists.

Although she is also a U.S. citizen who frequently visits the U.S. during the summer, she Living and working in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, those who know she said she Most felt at home. A Palestinian Christian whose family was originally from Bethlehem, she Born and raised in Jerusalem. she leaving a brother and she parents.

In an Al Jazeera video released last year, Abu Ackley | Recalls scale of devastation and ‘the feeling that death is sometimes just around the corner’ she Reports of the second uprising in 2000-2005. “Despite the dangers, we are determined to get the job done,” she said.

“I chose the news so I could reach people,” she Add to. “Changing reality may not be easy, but at least I was able to convey their voices to the world.”

Abu Ackley | Joined Al Jazeera in 1997, just a year after the groundbreaking Arab News Network launched.among she Many missions involved the five wars in Gaza and the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. she Forced evictions of families, the killing of Palestinian youths, the incarceration of hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons without charge, and the expansion of Jewish settlements have been reported.

she Longtime producer Wessam Hammad says Abu Ackley | Has an incredible ability to stay calm under pressure.

“Shileen has been committed to the values ​​and ethics of our profession over the years,” he said Abu Ackley |which the network called “the face of Al Jazeera.”

he and Abu Ackley | In the many stories they reported together, often being exchanged by Israel, he said. During one mission, their car was filled with tear gas and they struggled to breathe. When they recall these moments, he said Abu Ackley | Will laugh and marvel at how they survived.

moments after images Abu Ackley | The shot in the head in the West Bank town of Jenin circulated online and was broadcast on Al Jazeera and other Arab news channels. Wearing a helmet and a vest clearly marked “PRESS”, Abu Akleh lay face down on a sandy floor. When gunfire rang out, a Palestinian man jumped over a wall and approached her, dragging her motionless body to a car.

In video from West Bank Hospital Abu Ackley | Was pronounced dead and saw a male colleague crying she In hospital beds, others fought back tears.A female reporter from Al Jazeera in the Gaza Strip cries in the air she A vigil for reporters.

Late Wednesday, Abu Akleh’s body was carried on a red stretcher through downtown Ramallah, draped in a Palestinian flag and covered in a garland of flowers. Hundreds chanted: “With our spirit, with our blood, we will redeem you, Shireen.”

Governments around the world have condemned it. The State Department called her death “an affront to media freedom.”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an online opinion piece praising her for her bravery, saying: “Abu Ackley | die a hero, do she work”, noting that she Travel to occupied areas that Jenin and other Israeli journalists “seldom visit”.

it has started as another routine task Abu Ackley |. sheEmail a colleague saying she Head to the Jenin refugee camp for reports of Israeli military attacks. “When the situation becomes clear, I will bring you news as soon as possible,” she wrote.

“Generations grew up seeing she work,” said producer Hamad. “People listened to Shireen and were influenced by her to study journalism so they could be like her. “

Abu Ackley |niece, Lena Abu Ackleydescribe she As “best friend” and “second mom”.

she The person I looked up to since I was a child, watching everything she report,” she Tell reporters from home. “I never thought this day would be in the news she. “

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