Slack rethinks ‘green dot’ status updates

Rael is shy when it comes to describing exactly how this landing page looks or works.Reasons to think more details might be shared at the annual meeting Dream Power Conference (Starting tomorrow, September 20, will include a demo from Slack).She also said that Slack is considering how to Yes Participate in spontaneous, synchronous messaging conversations—similar to Slack’s audio tool, Huddles, it lets you instantly have an audio call with a colleague without all the hassle of making a phone call.

“‘I can huddle now’ is a little bit different. Like, ‘I’m here, I can be interrupted’, it’s the equivalent of seeing someone daydreaming at their desk and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m Pull up a chair to interrupt them,'” Rael said. “We don’t have all the answers, but we are now considering and actively trying to answer those questions.”

big trouble

For non-Slack users, this may not mean much. For Slack users, this is a big deal. The last time Slack shared its active user count was in 2019, it has surpassed 12 million. It’s safe to say it’s bigger now. Its user base spans 150 countries. 300,000 Slack messages are delivered per second; 1.79 trillion messages have been sent on Slack since Slack’s inception. The average Slack user performs 2.35 billion “actions” on Slack every day, which can be as involved as making an audio call or as passive as using an emoji to react to someone else’s post.

However, Slack faces stiff competition from indirect competitors — such as soaring, mostly used for video conferencing, not instant messaging, and fully integrated with legacy software companies like Microsoft.Just when Slack was playing New video chat options in Huddles, Zoom is diving deep into text-based chat.Just last week, Zoom launched Zoom Team Chat, which integrates video conferencing, file sharing, and messaging into one application. Zoom also offers “Presence Status,” which can tell your colleagues if you’re offline, online on your desktop, online on your phone, or in another Zoom meeting. (Just the thought of… hang out A full day on Zoom hasn’t entered my work brain space, but Zoom certainly wants it to. ) The availability icon in Zoom is naturally a green dot.

However, when it comes to modern Away Messages, Microsoft Teams may have an edge over Slack. First, because Teams has over 270 million monthly active users. Second, Teams is built on Microsoft’s 365 software suite, which means it integrates with a whole bunch of other apps. The “landing page” in your work chat app? Just go to the “File” tab in Teams and create a new Microsoft Word document. When you post a status update in Teams that you don’t want to be disturbed, you can check a box that says “Show me when people message me.” This means that when a person is writing their seemingly intrusive message, they will see you first, front and center. Temporarily away from the office? You can set up automatic email replies in Outlook, and that status update will automatically migrate to Teams. One thing Teams is missing is that Slack fully embraces this emoji life in your status updates. In other words, Slack might just be a little more… interesting.

Still, when you’re trying to send a non-urgent message, there’s nothing funnier than that Severance pay Get yourself out of work mode, Slack knows it. Rael is on top. She just can’t guarantee that she’ll fix that ignoring every new status update and every UI tweak a colleague Slack might try to help you get your time back through the day. “There’s a slice of consciousness. Some people are just more aware of the space they occupy in other people’s lives,” Rael said. “How much of this can we automate? I’m not sure.” There’s live chat, and then there’s the reality of chat.

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