Sky Mavis turns to Axie Infinity for user-generated content amid P2E downturn

On Tuesday, Sky Mavis, creator of the popular fantasy monster-fighting non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, announced that it has accepted the first user-created project in its Axie Infinity Builders Program. Of the 2,000 applications submitted, only 12 were selected for the Builders Program.

Among the many perks, selected teams will receive grants of at least $10,000 — denominated in Axie Infinity Shards, Axie Infinity’s governance token (axis) — to finance project development. They will also be licensed to monetize the game using the Axie Infinity brand and revenue share model. Notable projects include Across Lunacia (a platform adventure for Axie NFTs) and Mech Infinity (a battle royale game involving Axie and his unique abilities). Philip La, Head of Gaming Products at Axie Infinity, commented:

“Community co-creation […] Over time, it will become a fundamental driver of value generation at scale. The Builders Program is the first step into a new world where the community can make significant and meaningful contributions directly to the games and projects they love, and is one of many programs that allow players to get more out of the Axies they own. What fun. “

Axie Infinity Builders Program. Source: Sky Mavis

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Axie Infinity with its game to make money Game mechanics, players can earn digital tokens such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP) by using Axie NFTs to complete in-game tasks. However, the combination of inflated token supply, Persistent crypto bear market The crowded player base has caused the value of SLPs to drop 96% over the past year. As a result, players began to slowly leave the game as revenue plummeted.

Daily Active Players of Axie Infinity according to reach the peak It was 2.37 million in January and has declined for four consecutive months. Now that number is 1.86 million.