Singer Omarion says he is definitely not a variant

But Omarion calmly dealt with these jokes.

“Hi, I’m Omarion. I’m an artist, not a variant,” he said. Tik Tok Video Released on Saturday. “So please note that if you happen to meet me on the street, you don’t have to be in isolation for five days, and you don’t have to have a negative test result to dance to my music.”
Omarion continue Split the joke into two additional Video, and wish his fans a happy new year.

The singer first became famous as a member of B2K, is known for songs such as “Ice Box” and “Post to Be”, and has released six solo albums in his career-just like he is on TikTok As emphasized-obviously not a variant. However, the Omicron of the Covid-19 variety caused a surge in Covid-19 cases and became the most infectious virus strain we have seen so far.

although research shows Although this mutation may cause a milder disease than the Delta mutation, it still causes serious damage to the capacity of the hospital.
Dr. James Phillips, who works in Washington, D.C., said: “This is unlike anything we have seen, even at the peak of the previous Covid surge.” Told CNN last week.

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