Simu Liu hosted the first show of “Saturday Night Live”.Look at his peak moments

“I officially became Marvel’s first public Chinese superhero,” he laughed at the opening. monologue.

He added: “A lot of people asked me how I found a character in a Marvel movie. In fact, by asking politely, I learned how every Canadian made a major breakthrough.”

Karaoke All Star

Liu participated in a karaoke show, where he played a “Financial Brothers Trying to Go to Bed”, covering the hit song “I Want That” by Backstreet Boys.

Republican or not

Game show player Liu He Ego Newdim Provide clues to try to determine which guests are Republicans.

“I think Facebook is evil,” the contestant said.

Liu’s character responded, “Oh, wow, is it because they are spreading false information or because they banned Donald Trump?”

911 call

A group of professors smoked marijuana, excited to be dead for themselves. The professors took turns to call 911, and Liu’s role told the dispatcher, “My name is Alan, and I’m dead.” He added, “Even if I’m not in time, can you still get here?”

Thanksgiving Baking Champion

They pretend to be baking on the food network, and they are all making holiday cakes for Thanksgiving. Liu plays Mike, an amateur baker and rapper. “My name is Mike and I’m here to bake,” he said before his voice faded. He made two cakes and revealed that he baked the wrong cake. We just said that the cake doesn’t look delicious.

correct: The previous version of this story incorrectly identified Liu in part of the sketch. It has been corrected.

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