Simple steps to book an Uber taxi using WhatsApp on your mobile phone

Uber has launched a new service that allows people to book Uber taxis via WhatsApp.Passengers can book rides without installing the Uber app, just as they can Use the mobile website to book Uber. Uber’s WhatsApp chatbot will provide everything from booked rides, driver details, location tracking, and cancellation of trips within the chat interface. The service is currently available in Lucknow and will soon be rolled out throughout India next year. This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to book Uber using WhatsApp.

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Use WhatsApp to book an Uber taxi

Uber reservations using the WhatsApp service are available for new and existing customers who register with their phone number. They can book an Uber taxi or car in three simple ways, and the process is similar.

1. Send “Hi” to +91 7292000002 In WhatsApp or click This link On your phone or scan QR code On the Uber website.

2. Now, the Uber chatbot on WhatsApp will open.

3. If you have sent Hi to it, you will receive an OTP on your phone and send it here.

4. After entering the OTP, it will ask you to enter the pickup location.

5. Use the built-in function of WhatsApp to send your exact location.

6. Use numbers to confirm your pickup address from the given options.

7. After that, enter your drop off location and confirm.

8. Now you can change, cancel or confirm the request so that Uber can find the ride service for you.

9. After confirming, wait a moment, Uber will show you the ride options for the fare and estimated time of arrival.

10. Choose the option you like and Uber will share the ride details with you, including the vehicle number and the driver’s contact number.

You can also cancel this trip or get emergency help from Uber from the given options. In addition, you will get all the security features and insurance of the official Uber app. You can also track the driver who comes to pick you up.

However, there are some restrictions. For example, the payment method is currently limited to cash, and the option to book the itinerary is only available in English. I hope Uber will soon expand this service to other Indian cities and new languages.

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