Simone Byers withdraws from gymnastics final to protect team and self

Tokyo (Associated Press)—— Simone Byers Arriving in Tokyo as a star of the U.S. Olympic movement, perhaps the Olympics itself. she Convince yourself she Prepared for stress.That she Ready to bear the burden of high expectations.

However, when the women’s gymnastics team finals approached on Tuesday night, something was wrong.This athlete is widely regarded as the greatest athlete of all time she Sports know this.

So instead of overcoming the doubts of sneaking in she Head as sheI have done it many times in the past, bile The decision is enough. she Has been completed. Currently.

The American star withdrew from the game after the rotation, opening the door for the Russian athletes to win the gold medal for the first time in nearly three years.

Jordan Chilis, Sunisa Lee and Grace McCallum led the United States to win the silver medal, and bile Dressed in white sportswear and cheered on the sidelines, because this decision not only reveals the transformation of Byers, it may also be the transformation of the sport sheRedefinition.

“We must also pay attention to ourselves, because in the end, we are also human beings,” bile Say. “So, we must protect our minds and bodies, not just go out and do what the world wants us to do.”

American-Propelled by Lee’s uneven bars routine, not even bile Can be matched-the score is reduced to eight out of ten through three rotations. However, ROC has never wavered on the court. They broke out when 21-year-old Angelina Melnikova’s scoring put them on the podium for the first time since the unified team won in Barcelona in 1992.

The victory was the second day after the victory of the ROC men’s team Japan Top spot for the men’s final. Britain defeated Italy and won the bronze medal.

“The impossible is now possible,” Melnikova said.

There may be more than one way.

In the five years since then bile While the United States shined on the road to Rio de Janeiro to win gold, gymnastics also experienced a liquidation. For a long time, in a sport, the tectonic plates of obedience, discipline, and silence considered as important as talent and artistry are moving.

bile Has become an outspoken advocate of the importance of athlete rights and proper mental health.For a while, actually many times, there she Felt she No, it just passed, because this is what people expect she.

no longer.There are platforms she Can resonate far beyond the color of any medal she May win in Tokyo.

bile It is the latest in a series of high-profile athletes, including tennis star Naomi Osaka, who uses their platform to discuss their mental health issues. A topic that was once taboo has become more accepted and accepted.

Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, applauded bile Prioritize she “Mental health is above everything” and provide the full support of the organization.Call from the vice chairman of the American Gymnastics Women’s Program bile‘Behaving “incredibly selfless”.

bile Posted on social media on Monday she Feel the weight of the world she After showing an uncharacteristically sloppy appearance during qualifying, the shoulders made the Americans look up at the Republic of China on the scoreboard.

Tension impact she practice.It affected she Confidence.when she Stepping onto the vaulted runway, it finally found the way she The performance is the same.

she Planning to do an “Amanar” vault requires a sleek back spring to be placed on the table, followed by 2 1/2 twists. bile On the contrary, after landing, he made only 1 1/2 twists and turns and took a big step forward. she Sit down and talk to the American team doctor Marcia Faustin (Marcia Faustin), and then walk to the back, while the other Americans continued to use the uneven bars without her.

when bile Return in a few minutes, she Embrace she Teammates take off she Bar handle. that’s it, she The night is over.

“Check she It’s sad to go out like that, because I think this Olympics is hers,” Li said.

bile Scheduled defense she On Thursday, he won the Olympic champion in the all-around final. she Also eligible to participate in the finals of all four events later in the competition. she Say she Will regroup on Wednesday, and then decide whether to continue.

The sudden absence of Byers forced the Americans to scramble. The finals use a three-person/three-person scoring format, which means that three of the four athletes from each country/region compete on one device, and all three points are counted.

chili Intervene to take bile‘Put it on the uneven bars and balance beam.20-year-old player leading the team she Stable consistency got rid of the solid bar program and trained she The balance beam was set two days after two falls during the game.

Thanks in part to a little help from the ROC-calculated a pair of drops on the beam-the US is close to the ground, the last rotation.

no bile and she The otherworldly plummet, the United States needs to be close to perfection to close the gap. It did not happen. chili Stumbled onto the mat at the end she The second time, any opportunity for the United States to pursue the Republic of China will follow.

Not that chili Or other Americans are particularly concerned. Gold may have disappeared, but something more important may have happened. This is a trade-off they can accept.

“This medal is definitely for (Byers),” said chili. “If it’s not for she, We will not be here.We will not be a silver medalist because who she As a person. “

chili Then turn to she good friend. bile Help persuade she Move to Houston to train together she Two years ago, a changed decision chili Become an Olympian.In the middle of the empty stage Japan As the world watches, chili for bile what bile Have done so much for so long. she have she Back.

“Like you girl,” chili Say. “This is all for you.”

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