Shruti Hassan plays ‘Couple Challenge’ with boyfriend Santanu Hazarika, shares video

Shruti Hassan played a “couple challenge” with her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika, Shruti posted a video on her Instagram account.

For the first question, “Who is the first to be interested?” Shruti pointed to Santanu, and at the same time turned his head to Shruti, and both of them nodded in denial. When asked the next question, “Who said I love you first?” Shantanu leaned her head and Shruti smiled and pointed at herself. When asked “Who is more protective?”, the couple pointed at each other.

When asked “Who cleans more?”, they all pointed to Shruti. The two agreed that Santanu “eats the most” and Shruti “spends the most.” When the question of “who is most likely to spark the debate” arose, Shruti pointed at her, and Santanu agreed after a moment’s consideration. Santanu revealed that he “fallen asleep first,” and the video ends with the two pointing at each other and being asked “who is more annoying?” Shruti captioned the article, “Sleepy Face.”

Shruti Hassan

In a recent interview with Mandira Bedi, Shruti talked about how she was expected to hide her relationship. She said: “I used to hide a lot. I’ve always been very particular. For a long time, I’ve been thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’m totally single’. Because people are like ‘you have to show up that way, You have to appear desirable and available’.”
She further added, “One day I thought, ‘For whom? For what?’ I also felt it was disrespectful to my partner — hiding it. It may or may not work, we don’t know, but I think it’s important to respect your environment and the people in it.”

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