Shopify launches tokenized commerce as part of new connected-to-consumer experience

As part of a series of new initiatives developed this year to connect to consumers, Shopify will allow merchants to connect with fans and drive sales by creating exclusive items token holder. The program is called “tokengate” and is available in early access beta mode.

First, suppliers can create a token gate store directly on the Shopify app or add the feature directly in-store. Buyers will then need to connect their crypto wallets and verify that they are the owners of the applicable non-fungible tokens or NFTs to purchase closed-end items or access exclusive events. This feature acts as a gateway between the NFT community and consumer brands on the platform.

Additionally, vendors can partner with other brands to launch upcoming NFTs and collaborate with Shopify’s sales partners to develop premium products. Additionally, vendors can mint custom NFTs on popular blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow. After that, they can list and sell them directly from their store.

The beta is open by invitation only to merchants who choose to have NFT collections. Neither sellers nor buyers need to pay with cryptocurrency to buy NFTs. Payment gateways include Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, various crypto payment gateways, and credit or debit cards. Buyers can claim their NFTs via email and add them directly to their wallets.

Evan Kester, co-founder of Doodles, Whose NFT project has joined the initiative, commenting:

“As an ambitious community-driven project, we place great emphasis on setting the standard for a unique NFT collector experience. By partnering with Shopify to develop tokenized merchandise, we’ve surprised our holders and empowered Doodle with ownership A whole new meaning.”