Sheena Ohlig talks about her transition from female physique to bodybuilding

Women can compete in six divisions on the IFBB Pro League circuit. This gives competitors more options to consider based on their changing physiques and the new challenges they face. A shining example of an athlete taking advantage of this opportunity is Sheena Olig. She started out as a women’s bodybuilding professional, but she told Femme Flex Friday hosts Lenda Murray and Whitney Jones that women’s bodybuilding was a better fit for her.

“Women’s bodybuilding, they’re trailblazers,” Ohlig said. While she thinks the department she’s in now is best for her, she agrees that having more options is better for athletes and fans.

“There are so many women of different sizes, and I think it validates everyone’s athletic ability. “

The former track and field athlete started out in physique before turning into a physique pro. She’s been preparing for that division in the 2020 Chicago Pro League.

“My trainer said, ‘Hey, why don’t we jump on women’s bodybuilding and give it a try?'” she told Jones and Murray. “Three days before the show.”

Fortunately, Ohlig was able to rely on pro player Monique Jones to help learn the new pose. She finished ninth in that competition, but women’s bodybuilding seemed to suit her best today, as evidenced by her victory at the 2021 Chicago Pro Championship.

Ohlig is known for his infectious energy and positive outlook. This can be credited to knowing what she’s getting the most out of, and not letting things other than that bother her.

“Control what you can control. Let go of what you can’t control,” she said.

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