She-Hulk Promo Teases Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Return

Charlie Cox as Daredevil in the 2015 Netflix series.

picture: Marvel/Netflix

Once the news is out she-hulk There will be her own show, and there is a lot of hope that Daredevil will show up since their day jobs are lawyers.Sure enough, the fearless will become hang out While with Tatiana Maslani’s green future hero Jennifer Walters she-hulk Premiering later this month, played by his “original” cast, Charlie Cox.

The series’ new promo features quick edits to showcase some of the threats Jen has to contend with, such as Jameela Jamil’s Titania, The Wrecking Crew, and her own insecurities about suddenly being the Hulk. But it also makes it clearer wearing Matt Murdoch’s outfit, which has a tinge of gold compared to the red and black of Netflix’s outfit.

Superheroes | She-Hulk: Lawyer by Marvel Studios | Disney+

In the comics, Matt wears a yellow suit in the first issue of the magazine in 1964 Daredevil #1 Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett and featured in the 2001 Extended Origin Story Daredevil: Yellow Jeph Loeb and late tim searle. Is this Matt still in the early days of a hero’s life and how much he will be involved she-hulk, Will have to wait a few more weeks.

Given the importance of Matt’s yellow suit in the comics, and Spider-Man’s costume is the character’s Family trilogy, it’s possible that this new iteration of Daredevil will evolve into the red outfit he’s more commonly associated with.After all, we know he’ll pop up a few more times Before he was reborn (reborn?) own series.

she-hulk Premieres August 18 on Disney+.

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