Shallow Earthquake Occurred in Southwest China | News

The earthquake occurred at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan Province, with a magnitude of 5.4 and a focal depth of 38 kilometers.

The shallow earthquake in southwestern China also shook the famous tourist city of Lijiang, and at least 22 people were injured.

According to data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake occurred at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces on Sunday afternoon with a magnitude of 5.4 and a depth of 38 kilometers (24 miles).

The China Earthquake Network Center later measured the magnitude of 5.5 and the depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter is 115 kilometers (71.5 miles) from Lijiang, Yunnan Province.

The Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province stated that 22 people in Ninglang County were injured in the earthquake, two of whom were seriously injured.

The Provincial Seismological Bureau stated that there has been no report of damage to houses, but the state news agency Xinhua said that a 60-person search and rescue team had been dispatched to the epicenter.

Earthquakes frequently occur in China, especially in the western and southwestern mountainous areas.

In September, Three killed A shallow earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province, which injured dozens of people and damaged tens of thousands of houses.

Level 7.9 Sichuan earthquake In 2008, more than 80,000 people died.

Thousands of children lost their lives due to the collapse of poorly constructed school buildings, but because this issue involves a political aspect, the government has not been able to announce the exact number of deaths.

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