Sens. Rubio, Feinstein propose bill to create Space National Guard

Sens. Marco Rubio and Dianne Feinstein may disagree, but they have joined forces to call for part-time support for America’s newest military force.

Lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday that would create a Space National Guard that would be part of the Space Force command structure. It will transfer all Air National Guard members currently on Space Force missions to the new unit.

“Establishing the Space National Guard will enhance our military readiness and increase efficiency. It will also ensure that the Space Force retains the talent it needs,” Mr. Rubio, a Florida Republican, said in a statement.

The Air Force, Space Force and National Guard have developed a plan to create a Space National Guard within current budget and personnel constraints, but the plan has not yet been implemented, the senators said.

“Building a Space Force National Guard would also save money and ensure a smoother process in case we need to activate personnel,” said Ms. Feinstein, a California Democrat. “In creating the Space Force, not creating the Space National Guard was a mistake, and this bill will make up for that.”

Nearly a dozen Democrats and Republicans co-sponsored the bill, including Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet and Texas Republican John Cornyn.

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