Senator Warren said that digital currency may be the answer to help people who don’t have a bank account

Senator and former US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren believes that the digital asset industry may be a tool to deal with certain challenges in the traditional financial system.

A sort of Well-known cryptocurrency skeptics Like Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Warren seemed to soften her stance on the crypto industry in an interview with CNBC Squawk Box on Wednesday. statement Digital currency can be a tool to provide banking services to people who do not have a bank account:

“Big banks have suffered huge failures in reaching consumers across the country. Digital currencies and central bank digital currencies may be the answer.”

The senator emphasized that there are many problems in the existing financial system, suggesting that some solutions related to cryptocurrencies may be potential solutions to these problems. “The question we have to ask is to look at the design of encryption and see where it might be better, but also to see where it might inject its own risks into the system,” Warren statement.

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Warren’s latest comment on cryptocurrency came after the senator referred to cryptocurrency-related players and enthusiasts as “A group of dark, faceless super programmers and miners“In a news group dedicated to encryption on Tuesday.

The story is in development and will be updated.

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