Senate Democrats block GOP bill to hit Russian pipeline with sanctions

Senate On Thursday, Democrats blocked a Republican bill calling for immediate sanctions Russiaof north creek Pipeline 2, a move that saves face for President Biden as he struggles to spar with an increasingly bellicose Kremlin.

The bill fails to get the 60 votes needed to survive in America Senate, but six Democrats voted in favor, ignoring the administration’s lobbying against the legislation.

A bill introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, would restore Trump-era sanctions as Mr Biden withdraws from nearly operating subsea gas pipeline Russia Enter Germany.It has left Democrats in limbo in supporting hardlinersRussia Legislation opposed by the executive branch.

Mr Cruz blamed his colleagues for succumbing to partisanship rather than taking a stand against Moscow.

“Too many Democrats think partisan loyalty means more than just standing with our allies,” he said. “Partisan loyalty means more than standing with our European friends. Partisan loyalty means more than just adhering to our treaty agreements. Partisan loyalty is more important than protecting American interests.”

Last year, lawmakers from both parties condemned Biden’s decision to drop sanctions on the pipeline, arguing that the gas pipeline would make Russia Increased control over European energy markets and possible weaponization of energy delivery.

“Thanks to President Biden’s catastrophic surrender and waiver of mandatory sanctions passed by Congress, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin sees north creek 2 as an alternative route to get his gas to Europe that Ukraine cannot reach,” Mr Cruz said.

“When President Biden dropped sanctions on this Russian pipeline, the governments of Ukraine and Poland warned that the result would be an incursion by Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and an imminent invasion,” he said. “They were right.”

Mr Cruz got SenateThe Democratic leader of the United States arranged for a vote on his sanctions bill in exchange for his release of reservations to Mr. Biden’s dozens of ambassadorial nominations.

The government was quick to oppose Mr Cruz’s bill and Senate be opposed to.

“The administration does not view this bill as an attempt to counter Russian aggression or a genuine effort to protect Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement before the vote. “In fact, if passed, this legislation would only serve as a united front where we need to build a united front. Undermining the unity of our European allies at a critical moment in response to the Russian threat to Ukraine.”

The vote comes as the Biden administration is making diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions with the Kremlin, while Putin is ramping up troops on his country’s border with Ukraine.

Russia Around 100,000 soldiers have been massed along the border, raising fears of an invasion similar to the 2014 annexation of the Crimean peninsula. The United States and its European allies held talks this week with Kremlin officials over the standoff.

On Wednesday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert C. Menendez, D-N.J., proposed a measure that would Russia in the event of an invasion.

It offered Democrats an alternative to the Cruz bill, but no immediate action against Moscow.

“Sanctions north creek Now, at this juncture, there will be the opposite effect of deterring Putin,” Mr Menendez said in a statement. Senate Speak before voting. “It might even be the excuse Putin is looking for.”

New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen opposes Biden’s decision to drop sanctions, saying she shares Republicans’ concerns RussiaThe aggression against Ukraine” and the role it played north creek 2 plays on that key issue. “

But she echoed the administration’s concerns that imposing sanctions now would reduce U.S. influence in ongoing negotiations.

“Senator Cruz’s bill won’t stop north creek 2, if we are to deal with the Russian threat, it will undermine the current absolutely crucial diplomatic situation,” Mrs Shaheen said in a statement. Senate ground. “Backing his bill would be a vote for compromised transatlantic unification. This vote shatters the message of bipartisan support in the face of Russian aggression.”

Republicans say Mr. Biden Russia The US needs to act now before the Kremlin gains more leverage.

“Those Democrats who decided to vote against our NS2 sanctions bill, a majority of whom previously supported it, will take immediate and decisive action to stop it Russia, is a blow to transatlantic security and to U.S. allies and partners, especially the people of Ukraine,” said Sen. James E. Risch of Idaho, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “The administration’s efforts to lobby against this bill will only weaken bipartisanship. “

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