“Selling Sunset” Season 4 Trailer: Bigger Drama and House

Netflix’s real estate/reality show series tells the story of a group of real estate agents from The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles who confronted and sold their houses. Season 4 premiered on the streaming service on November 24.

“I would say you will see a lot of dramas, a lot of beautiful houses and a lot of dynamic changes between actors,” Fitzgerald, his husband Roman Bonnet also appeared in the series, told CNN net.

Jason Oppenheim Responsible The Oppenheim Group played solo this season, while his brother Brett dabbled in other real estate fields. Jason employs many attractive women in designer clothes who sell multimillion-dollar mansions, which makes television gold. Oppenheim said all these factors brought “a lot of drama this season” to the show.

His own relationship will also take center stage at some point in the show. During the filming, Oppenheim began dating his employee and friend Chris Hull Stas, a former soap opera actor who later became a successful real estate agent. Stause previously married “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley, and her heartbreaking divorce was staged on the show. Is Oppenheim ready to put his love life in the spotlight?

“Well, first of all, yes, [the relationship] It’s as surprising as she came here as married and as an agent, right. That’s the last romantic thing I want to see,” he said. “So we did establish a friendship in the beginning, and then when it changed, it was like, we really didn’t know what to think. We didn’t take it seriously. Then we did start to take it more seriously because we were kind of aware of how effective it was. Then I think we just want to let it pass a certain level of comfort before it goes on sale. “

The two came out to Fitzgerald for the first time, and Fitzgerald was very happy that her two best friends had fallen in love. They also told another real estate agent on the show, a close friend of the organization, Amanza Smith.

Oppenheim said: “Obviously, they were very supportive of their two best friends in a relationship, and they are still so.” “In fact, everyone is very supportive. I mean, this is a period of time. A beautiful relationship, I think everyone recognizes and supports it.”

In fact, Oppenheim corrected himself, everyone except one. If you have watched seasons 1 to 3, you can guess exactly who it is.

“I won’t name it, but I would say that not 100% of people support it, but it is really difficult for any unknown person to support everything 100%,” he added.

When asked to confirm that they were talking about the “Selling Sunset” villain, Christine Quinn, the group laughed knowingly. When I commented that Quinn was the only actor who did not attend the October wedding of actor Heather Rae Young and HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, Fitzgerald said it was “very obvious” who was the root of this season’s drama and passed Elimination and social media feeds, which are easy to guess for fans of the show.

The preparation of Yang’s wedding is also a storyline of this season. She met and fell in love with El Moussa when she appeared on the show.

Fitzgerald said: “You just look at them. They are really like soul mates. You will see their happiness as if it radiates from the heart, and Heather is just the purest and most pure one I have ever seen. A sincere person.” So unique.

For Smith, she said that most of her storyline was after she obtained full custody of the children and continued to live as a family of three.

“You will see how it all goes,” she said. “And I’m very open, I just said it is like this. I didn’t back down. So I think everyone will have a very clear understanding of what is going on, and they will move forward with us.”

Finally, let us not forget real estate.

Oppenheim said that this season we will see more luxury residences and more well-known customers.

“I think as a company that we are growing. We have bigger listings and more customers. We have more celebrity customers coming to the office. I think this show helped us grow our business. I think many women are It is to get in touch with celebrities who want to buy and sell,” he said. “In this regard, I want to say that we have raised it to a higher level.”

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