Segway’s robotic lawnmower uses GPS to stay on your lawn

Entering the robotic lawnmower market through Navimow. This model differs from many other models in that you do not need to install boundary lines. Instead, Navimow uses GPS and other sensors to stay within your lawn.

According to Segway, the so-called precise fusion positioning system can accurately position Navimow to within two centimeters. The company said that if the GPS signal drops, the device’s sensors and data array will ensure that it can still work. You can tell Navimow where to mow the grass through the app, define boundaries and instruct it to avoid certain parts of the garden. Segway claims that Navimow uses an algorithm to determine the trim path, so it doesn’t have to crisscross.

Segway says Navimow operates relatively quietly with 54 dB of noise. There are offset blades to trim edges and corners, and the lawn mower gradually cuts the grass from above to reach your desired height (between three to six centimeters). According to Segway, the lawn mower can handle 45-degree inclination and has an IPX6 waterproof rating.

There are also safety features. Segway said that Navimow can detect and bypass obstacles, and if pets or children get too close, its blade will stop rotating. If the device detects rain, it will return to the charging station, but you can turn off the rain sensor and let Navimow work even if it is wet outside. When the battery power is too low, Navimow will continue cutting from where it stopped after charging.


It may take some time to install the surrounding wires because Note that it will damage the garden because it is usually buried under the grass. Therefore, Navimow may be a healthier lawn solution compared to other robotic lawn mowers. iRobot plans to make lawn mowers with wireless boundary beacons, but it During the COVID-19 pandemic.

Segway is releasing four versions of its lawn mower. Navimow H500E is suitable for lawns up to 5,400 square feet. Its cost is 1,199 Euros (approximately 1,425 USD). The other three models have larger batteries to support larger lawns, as well as 4G support and GPS anti-theft system. The highest price is 2,499 euros (approximately 2,970 US dollars). However, Segway has not yet announced the details of the US listing.

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