Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hailed the arrival of the first evacuation flight of Afghans who helped the U.S. military

Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin Welcoming the first group of Afghan nationals to the United States on Friday. They have helped the United States carry out a 20-year combat mission in their country and are now facing potential retaliation from the Taliban insurgents.

More than 200 Afghan nationals, including the families of people who have worked in the United States, arrived in Virginia by plane and temporarily settled in Fort Lee. About 10 times the number, including interpreters, contractors and their families, is still in the process of security inspections and is expected to appear in the near future.

“These brave men and women are taking great risks for themselves and their families, working with the United States and coalition forces and diplomats to support our operations and prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorism that threatens our homeland,” he said. Austin Said in a statement. “We have talked many times about our ethical obligation to help those who have helped us, and we are fully committed to working closely with our inter-agency partners to fulfill this obligation.”

The Biden administration is facing bipartisan pressure from Congress to provide asylum for Afghan interpreters and other allies because the U.S. military is about to complete its withdrawal.

Many people worry that they will become targets of the Taliban. With the retreat of the U.S. military and its allies, the Taliban have been attacking and seizing territory.

The State Council is monitoring the resettlement plan, sir. Austin Said that 300 American soldiers are preparing for Fort Lee and providing logistical support for the first batch of newcomers.

According to government officials, the refugees will spend about a week at the Virginia Fort and undergo a medical examination before being resettled across the country.

There is still a backlog of approximately 18,000 Afghan interpreters, contractors and others who still want to obtain so-called “special immigrant visas” that allow them to resettle with their families in the United States

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