SEC invites Oklahoma and Texas to the conference-2025

The president of Southeastern Conference University voted Thursday to invite Texas and Oklahoma to join the league and create a strong team of 16 teams on the court and the bank.

But how long will it take?

Two days after Texas and Oklahoma requested to join the league, the latest move that could help reshape college sports is Securities and Exchange Commission In 2025. At that time, the media rights agreement between the school and Big 12 expired.

This Securities and Exchange Commission Indicates that its leaders voted unanimously to send invitations to Longhorns and Sooners and bring them to the meeting, which will take effect on July 1, 2025.

When news came out that the meeting might be readjusted last week, Texas A&M University For letting in the old Big 12 from Austin and competitors from the Southwestern League Securities and Exchange Commission. But the Aggies finally came together.

“Today’s unanimous vote proves Securities and Exchange CommissionA long-standing spirit of unity and mutual cooperation, and recognition of the legacy of academic and sports excellence established by the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas,” said Commissioner Greg Sankey.

Add Texas and Oklahoma to already included conferences football Powerful nations such as Alabama, Louisiana State University, Georgia and Florida provided Securities and Exchange Commission Eight projects that have won national championships since 1980.

“This is already the greatest and most difficult conference in the United States. As both teams try to join the league, the situation will only get more difficult,” South Carolina coach Shane Beamer told reporters.

Now the process is back to school. Both Texas and Oklahoma have Friday board meetings schedules with meeting affiliations on the agenda. Whether the board will accept the invitation at these meetings is unknown, but it is almost certain that they will accept the invitation at some point.

The question then becomes: Can Texas and Oklahoma find a way to join their new conference by 2025? It has the temperament of a chaotic divorce from Big 12, which may include ESPN.

“today’s Securities and Exchange Commission Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a statement: “The statement reiterates that these plans are ongoing and discussions between the two parties and their TV partners have been ongoing for some time.” We are disappointed that these discussions have been discussed in such depth without notice or including other Big 12 members.”

Earlier Thursday, ESPN responded to Bowlesby’s allegations that he tried to disrupt his troubled meeting, saying it did nothing wrong.

“Your allegations are totally unfounded,” Burke Magnus, ESPN executive and president of programs and content, said in a letter to Bowlesby posted on the Internet.

Magnus wrote: “It needs to be clear that ESPN has not engaged in any wrongdoing, so there is nothing to’stop and stop’. We believe this will calm this matter.”

Bowlesby sent a stop and termination letter to Magnus a day ago, claiming that ESPN is inspiring at least one other conference to raid the league in order to speed up the pace of Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Southeast Conference.

Bowlesby told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he was “absolutely certain” that ESPN was acting inappropriately behind the scenes, and he suspected that ESPN was involved in the months-long plan to withdraw from the conference in Texas and Oklahoma. He told the Associated Press that the school’s behavior was “deliberate deception.”

ESPN and Big 12 signed a rights agreement to share the meeting’s football Play against Fox in the 2024-25 school year.

“Although we are concerned about the process and the overall health of college sports, we will do everything possible to ensure that student athletes at the two universities enjoy an outstanding experience during the remaining four years of participating and participating in the Big 12 competition. Conference,” Spey said in the statement.

If Big 12’s other eight schools continue to hold meetings, early withdrawal could cost Texas and Oklahoma tens of millions of dollars.

The conference charter stipulates that schools that leave before the rights granted are exhausted will face a fine equivalent to the one-year conference allocation for violation of the agreement each year.

Last year, Big 12 allocated $34.5 million to each member due to the pandemic, which is lower than in recent years. Before the pandemic, Big 12’s annual allocation for each school was close to US$40 million.

Windfalls in Texas and Oklahoma Securities and Exchange CommissionThe conference is expected to begin allocating approximately US$67 million to its members every year when the latest agreement with ESPN takes effect in 2024.

These forecasts do not take into account the two largest brands and the most successful college sports in Texas and Oklahoma.

ESPN also has Securities and Exchange Commission Network and Longhorn Network, the home of cable television for track and field sports in Texas.

As the college football playoffs expanded from four teams to 12 teams, Securities and Exchange Commission Will join the only Big 12 team to enter the Oklahoma State playoffs. The Sooners have won Big 12 championships six times in a row and have four CFP appearances.

Texas won football Won the national championship in 2005 and participated in the competition again in 2009, but the program has been striving for 12 championship titles in the past ten years.

This offseason, the Longhorns hired former Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian as head coach, hoping to inject some Securities and Exchange Commission The juice enters the program.

Texas has now gone one step further, reconnecting with Texas A&M University And relocate one of the wealthiest sports departments in the country to the most competitive – and possibly the most profitable – among the major universities. football.

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