Scooby-doo! Holiday Haunt director talks about finishing canceled film

Young Furry and Scooby-Doo in 2020's Scooby-Doo!

picture: WB Animation Group

In the early days of Warner Bros’ acquisition by Discovery, two films in the works were abruptly canceled: batgirl and Scooby-doo!holiday haunt. Two films were killed at the same time as part of WB Discovery effort cut the expenses After the merge, but understandably, batgirl The abrupt end overwhelms the conversation.Since WB Discovery has been publicly trying to open a new DC MoviesCrew for Scooby-doo! Keep making the movie, whether it sees the light of day or not, it doesn’t wrap up production until November 4th.

and typeco-director Michael Kulinski talks about the final days of production holiday hauntwhich will be his directorial debut. As he explained, he was in a film production meeting when he was told via Twitter DM about the cancellation, which was then officially confirmed via WB. “In our calls with people, they explained that’s what’s going on,” Kulinski said. “And because we’re writing off this tax, we can’t monetize it. That’s how it was explained to me.”

Before the movie was canceled, holiday haunt He added that it was “95% complete” and that the deadline was already tight.The crew started with a two-page outline for production in 2020 and were told the film Have It will be completed in time for the scheduled release in December 2022.While some might see continued production as an act of defiance, Kulinski revealed it was more practical than that: “It’s paid for…I can’t say it’s [Warner Bros] Saying, “Please finish this film, we want you to finish it.” I think it’s more like, ‘Finish this film because we’ve paid to finish this film. ‘”

holiday haunted house The plot will see the teenage version of the Mystery Company take a trip for Christmas to meet Fred’s Uncle Ned, and still adjust to being a team months after the 2020 film opens. The voice actors include Mingna Wen, Mark Hamill and Frank Welker, which Kulinski describes as “Scooby-Doo’s first Christmas” and completes a mystery at Ned’s resort.For him and co-director Bill Haller, they both think scooby doo It’s a “dream come true” that the franchise inspires them to pursue a career in animation.

Kurinsky was candid about his feelings about the sudden deprivation of two years of his life, and his mixed feelings as he continues to produce. Although he tried to keep morale high for the team, he admitted to being frustrated at times, saying “I had to achieve a lot of goals in my life and then didn’t, as you can imagine, incredibly disappointing. “

At the same time, he is very proud of the work he has achieved and says he will go through the experience again as long as it helps him grow as a filmmaker. “Just because the public didn’t see it, there were people who saw it and who worked for it,” he said. “I’m so thankful to everyone that even though they knew this thing didn’t have a chance to come out, they still worked like it came out. […] This movie has a wonderful voice that I hope everyone will hear one day. “

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