Schultz’s party approved the deal for the new German coalition government

German chancellor-designate Olaf SchultzOn Saturday, the center-left party approved an overwhelming majority to form a new government with environmentalists and pro-business parties — the first of three such decisions. Schultz Take office next week.

Schultz’s Social Democrats win by a narrow margin GermanyOn September 26, the elections and negotiations with the Green Party and the business-friendly Liberal Democrats were launched to form a governing coalition that had never been tried at the federal level before. After relatively quick negotiations, they reached an agreement on November 24.

The tripartite alliance aims to modernize Europe’s largest economy and increase efforts to combat climate change. It will send the outgoing Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democratic League into the opposition 16 years later and end the disturbing “major coalition” GermanyThe traditional big parties, among which the Social Democratic Party is the junior partner.

“Many people think that it is natural for CDU members to lead the government. Now… the Social Democratic Party will provide the next prime minister,” Schultz Tell a party congress that is mainly online. “This will be a tripartite government, and they hope to Germany. “

Schultz put his The goal of the new alliance is not just the four-year term that begins now. he said the government aims “to work together in a friendly way and be re-elected.”

The conference supported the alliance agreement with 598 votes to 7, with 3 abstentions.

The plan is elected by the parliament Schultz As prime minister on Wednesday. he It will lead the so-called “traffic light” coalition after the red, green and yellow colors of the party.

Before that, members of the three parties need to approve the alliance agreement. The Liberal Democrats are expected to vote on Sunday, and the 125,000 members of the Green Party are expected to vote on Monday.

The main promises of potential partners include increasing GermanyThe minimum wage has increased from the current 9.60 euros to 12 euros ($13.50) per hour-this means Schultz Once said that “means a salary increase of 10 million.” They also plan to build 400,000 new apartments every year to curb rent increases.

SchultzHe is 63 years old and has been Merkel’s Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister since 2018. Unlike the other two parties, the Social Democratic Party has not nominated the remaining seven cabinet candidates, including the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Health.During this period, monitoring the Ministry of Health is a vital task Germany New restrictions are being implemented to stop the surge in coronavirus infections.

“Now let’s get to work,” Schultz Said after voting on Saturday.

The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday reported 64,510 new coronavirus cases every day and another 378 deaths, bringing GermanyThe total death toll in the pandemic reached 102,946. Merkel may be the last time she has spoken across the country, condemning the re-emergence of COVID-19 deaths in the country and urging everyone to get vaccinated.

“Each of them left family or friends behind, stunned, speechless and helpless,” Merkel said in her weekly video message. “This is too painful because it can be avoided. With an effective and safe vaccine, we have the key to solving the problem.”


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