Samsung’s new TV remote uses router radio waves to stay charged

Samsung Eco Remote

picture: Samsung

I don’t think one of the coolest things on CES 2022 will be the remote control. However, here we are. Thank you, Samsung. But to be honest, Samsung’s new remote is very neat.

Let’s go back to CES 2021.There, Samsung released a Environmentally friendly remote control Store solar energy to charge the internal battery. This year’s model is used with solar energy to convert the router’s radio waves into energy, ensuring that it stays fully charged.

Radio waves from routers are usually not used because they are only suitable for very low-power devices. It turns out that the remote control is an ideal choice-you don’t need too much energy to use it, and it can stay dormant for a long time to charge it.

Collect radio waves Not a new idea, but the technology is rarely used in actual products that you and I can use. Now, the remote control cannot use radio frequency energy alone; the upgraded Eco Remote also uses solar energy from outdoor or indoor light, and has a USB-C port as a backup.

As Samsung pointed out in previous models, the use of solar energy alone can prevent 99 million batteries from being discarded within seven years or the average life of the TV.

In addition to environmental protection and the ability to charge in a variety of ways, Eco Remote is also a remote control like other remotes. On the front are all standard buttons, including shortcuts to popular streaming services, such as Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video. When we talk about protecting the environment, Eco Remote is made of recycled materials. This year, it adopted a fresh white color.

Most importantly, Eco Remote is not just a marketing plan aimed at increasing goodwill; Samsung said that the new remote control will be included in all its TVs in 2022.

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