Samsung will spend $17 billion to build a semiconductor factory in Texas

Just as the United States began to promote the expansion of semiconductor production in the country, Samsung has pledged to establish a chip manufacturing plant in Texas. The South Korean technology giant will invest US$17 billion in a new factory that will produce high-end and advanced chips for applications such as smartphones, 5G and artificial intelligence.according to Wall Street Journal, The construction of the factory is scheduled to start next year, and production in the factory is expected to start in the second half of 2024.

The U.S. government has been taking measures Boost After a global shortage of chips due to factory closures during the pandemic and high demand for personal computers and other equipment, semiconductor production in the United States has decreased.This problem continues to have a huge impact on all walks of life-just this year, automakers like General manager with Ford Due to tight supply, it had to suspend or cut production at its US factory.

Samsung was looking for locations in Arizona, New York and Florida for the new project, and considered having an existing factory in Austin. It ultimately chose Tyler, Texas as the new facility because of its generous tax relief and incentives, as well as the city’s ability to conduct rotating power outages and power certain facilities in the event of a power outage.

Kim Ki-nam, CEO of Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions Division, said in a statement statement:

“As we build a new factory in Taylor, Samsung is laying the foundation for another important chapter in our future. With greater manufacturing capabilities, we will be able to better meet customer needs and contribute to the stability of the global semiconductor supply chain. Contribution. We are also proud to bring more job opportunities to the local community and support the training and talent development of the local community, because Samsung celebrates its 25th anniversary of semiconductor manufacturing in the United States.”

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