Samsung says the foldable S Pen will be unveiled on Unpacked

Ahead of it Upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung has Published a blog post Its president, TM Roh, basically told us what it plans to announce next month.Except one The new Galaxy Watch powered by Wear OS, The company will launch the third-generation Galaxy Z series and “the first S Pen specifically designed for foldable phones.”

A stylus designed for flexible screens on foldable devices, such as Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z flip It has become a widely requested feature and will make larger, open displays more useful. Of course, apart from the upcoming facts, Samsung has hardly shared other information about this S Pen, so there are still many unknowns. How will it avoid damaging the softer flexible screen? How accurate is the stylus? How big is its nib, what is its pressure sensitivity, and does the foldable device have an onboard slot to hold it? Does it support Bluetooth remote operation? Obviously, these are things we have to wait until Unpacked on August 11 to understand.

Roh also confirmed that Samsung will not launch a new Note phone at the event, and said, “This time we will not launch a new Galaxy Note, but will further expand the beloved Note function to more Samsung Galaxy devices.”

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As for the third-generation Galaxy Z phones that we will see at this event, Roh said that the company has “lined up more partner apps to take full advantage of the versatile folding format.” We can look forward to “using Google Duo Make hands-free optimized video calls and watch videos in Flex mode on YouTube” and “Multitasking in Microsoft Teams.”

Specifically, the next Galaxy Z Flip will have a “more refined style” and “more durable and stronger materials”, while the upcoming Z Fold will “combine the best features and features provided by smartphones and tablets.” [deliver] A whole new way of working, connecting and creating. “

Not surprisingly, the language is ambiguous, because Samsung could not reveal all the details before Unpacked. But it obviously also wants people to be excited-so excited that they may already want to pre-order a new Z series device.If you choose to pass The company’s “Book Now” program, You can exchange up to two devices (including mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices) for new Galaxy products.I suggest you join us before we learn more about what’s going to happen on August 11th Engadget’s YouTube channel Watch the Unpacked live stream. We will preview at 9:40 am EST, and answer your questions after Samsung is over.

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