Samsung brings blockchain to your smart TV

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Obviously eager to lead us into a world where people proudly display their non-fungible tokens or NFTs on their smart TV screens. Samsung announced that its 2022 TV lineup will include And show off NFT art.

Samsung calls it “the world’s first TV screen-based NFT browser and market aggregator.” According to reports, the NFT aggregator platform will allow potential buyers to preview the NFTs available for purchase while understanding their history, “from whom Created it, to what includes its blockchain metadata.”

The company stated in a press release: “As the demand for NFTs continues to increase, the demand for solutions to today’s fragmented viewing and buying landscape has never been stronger.” “In 2022, Samsung will launch the world’s No. A TV screen-based NFT browser and market aggregator, this is a groundbreaking platform that allows you to browse, buy and display your favorite artworksAll in one place. “

If you are more like an NFT creator than a customer, don’t worry, Samsung will also consider your needs: using the brand’s smart calibration technology, the market aims to intuitively adjust the display settings on the TV to match the given creator This will ensure that your dignified ape art looks gleaming in anyone’s living room. According to Samsung, as TVs begin shipping in 2022, more detailed information about the NFT aggregation platform will be provided in the coming weeks.

Although Samsung said it needs a solution to solve “the problem of fragmentation today” [NFT] The prospect of viewing and buying has never been so great. “It’s hard to imagine that we are boldly moving towards a future in which NFTs are very common and people are using their TVs to show and buy them. However, at least in the near future, more More and more technology platforms will increase support for NFT; we will pay close attention to whether the public interest reflects this enthusiasm.

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