Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers titled two Captain America books

Steve Rogers, played by Alex Ross, and Sam Wilson both play Captain America.

picture: Marvel Comics

When Sam Wilson was awarded the Captain America title by his longtime friend Steve Rogers in Marvel’s “Marvel Now!” reboot in 2015, it was only a matter of time before he would have both back to falcon and raised to upper limit in MCU. now captain america 4 Coming soon, Marvel’s comics want to do something that probably should–secret empire: Instead of making Sam the Falcon again, both he and Steve will be Captain America.

in an upcoming comic Captain America: A Symbol of Truth Author: Novelist Tochi Onyebuchi (Night of the Beast, Riot Baby) and cartoonist RB Silva (The power of X), Sam will return to the mantle of captain, once again in the public eye.The public perception of Sam as Cap is part of Nick Spencer runs with the characters, and Onyebuchi told Entertainment Weekly How he believed it was a place worth going back to. “There are a lot of characters that haven’t interacted with Sam as Captain America,” he explained, “and we haven’t seen the dynamic…WWhat does accepting a black Captain America mean to the rest of the world?

symbol of truth is a suitable subtitle for this book, which Sam investigates a conspiracy that naturally involves exposing American secrets that the U.S. government doesn’t want him to leave.As a fan of globetrotting spy thrillers, Onyebuchi couldn’t pass up the chance to put Sam in such an episode. Because of America’s dark political history, especially when it comes to foreign policy, he wanted to explore how Sam and his teammates Joaquin Torres (Second Generation Falcon) will navigate that world differently than Steve.

RB Silva's cover for Captain America: Symbols of Truth #1 featuring Sam Wilson as Captain America.

picture: Marvel Comics

While Sam handles national affairs, Steve’s book will be firmly rooted in America. Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom Artwork from the duo of Jackson Lansing and Colin Kelly douchebag Carmen Carnero will explore how much has changed in the decades since his nap and subsequent return. As a member of the “Greatest Generation,” Kelly thinks this could serve as a good starting point for Steve’s exploration of America’s “radical transformation,” especially in recent years.Tanesh Coates Recently run This has also been explored, with Lansing admitting they want to continue the topic further with co-star Bucky Barnes.

“There are a lot of introverted Steves In terms of his legacy and himself,” Lansing said, adding that the book will be more of a story about Steve personally than about Captain America, although he still has the title.” What does Captain America mean to Steve? What does his friend need him in particular? In our book, he’ll really understand what it means to be Steve Rogers. ”

Carmen Carneiro on the cover of Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom #1, Steve Rogers throws a shield.

picture: Marvel Comics

Both books will leave Captain America #0 Written by three writers and drawn by Matthia de Lulis, Lansing calls it a “conversation” between Steve and Sam about their shared duties as Captain America during their fight against Anim Zora. From there, the two books will explore their respective people’s struggles with America’s heritage and their mixed feelings about it. “Cap can’t turn his back on America, and neither can Caps,” Kelley admitted. “They think the idea is good, the core is good, and it’s worth fighting for. But both sides need to work on what that means.”

Captain America #0 Will premiere April 20, Sam’s close behind Symbol of Truth #1 May, and a focus on Steve Freedom Sentinel #1 in June.

Mark Brooks' cover of Captain America #0, including Captain America and their supporting cast.

picture: Marvel Comics

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