Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, Henry Winkler and others pay tribute to Betty White

Ryan Reynolds pays a deep tribute to an old friend and the “proposal” co-actor who died on Friday at the age of 99.

“The world looks different now,” Reynolds wrote. “She is good at challenging expectations. She managed to grow old, somehow, not old enough. We will miss you, Betty. Now you know the secret.”

White’s “Cleveland Fever” co-actor Valerie Bertinelli wrote, “Rest in peace, dear Betty. My God, how bright heaven must be right now.”

Comedian Casey Griffin wrote that White always accepts her.

“She treats me like we are in the same club or whatever,” Griffin wrote in a long tweet about White. “She actually treats me like an equal in the comedy world. She is both keen. Fun, soft and smart… No matter how long the world continues to spin, there is only one Betty White.”

The Martin Luther King Center thanked White for “becoming friends.”

Andy Cohen will host the New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper on CNN on Friday. He wrote on Twitter: “Tonight we will hold up many glasses for Betty White’s wonderful legacy!!! “

Actress Debra Messing wrote: “Betty White. Oh, no, I watched her grow up and am happy for her. She is lively, brave, and smart. We all know that this day will come, But this did not eliminate the feeling of loss. A is indeed a national treasure. Fly with the angels.”

Actor George Takei wrote: “Our country baby Twight has just passed on the eve of her 100th birthday. Our Suani Vince and our beloved Roseni Lund have joined heaven with her unique style, humor and charm. Please the stars. Great loss for all of us. We will miss her very much.”

GLAAD praised White for supporting the LGBTQ+ community on Twitter.

“We are heartbroken at the passing of Betty White, an old friend of GLAAD and supporter of LGBTQ equality and acceptance. Our hearts are with her family and fans.”

The Television Academy has remembered five Emmy Award winners on the organization’s official Twitter account.

Actor Henry Winkler wrote: “Betty White: I[t] It’s hard to absorb that you are no longer there. “

Comedy Central’s official Twitter page reads, “Betty White proved that fun is eternal.”

Author Roxane Gay wrote: “A tribute to Betty White, who has been charming, pleasant, funny, talented and no problems for 99.9 years.”

Tribute to actor and director Marlon Waynes Facebook.

This woman…beyond talent…smile…spirit. I swear I thought she would live forever,” Waynes wrote. “And, she will. Through her work, her smile, her love of life. May we all live “Betty White’s life”.

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