Ryan Fitzpatrick did not look back in quarterback game

Richmond-Early Ryan FitzpatrickNFL career-before his Long and thick beard-what does the quarterback play he It is called the “number game”. Like a fan, he Try to predict the final list.will his Will the team keep three quarterbacks or two?What does it mean if they keep a guard he?

Fitzpatrick, A seventh-round pick who later became one of the league’s most high-profile skilled workers, often doing this job to find out whether heThere will still be work at the end of the summer camp.

“You just know that it’s inefficient,” Fitzpatrick Said this week his The newest club, the Washington football team has gone through a training camp.

Fitzpatrick Don’t worry anymore his Roster position. he A one-year contract worth $10 million was signed in March to become Washington’s starter-but the lessons learned helped the 38-year-old maintain his view.

Two days after training camp, head coach Ron Rivera insisted that his team is playing a quarterback game Fitzpatrick And Tyler Haynik, the quarterback who dazzled in the playoffs lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year. On Thursday, Hynek tried to play with the starters for the first time-two training sessions in 11 to 11 training, four training sessions in 9 to 9 training, with Terry McLaughlin and Logan. Cooperation with top targets such as Thomas.

Fitzpatrick Already accounted for most of the representatives of the first team, but Rivera said that he noticed the quarterback’s response-or lack of response-had to temporarily retreat to the second line.

“Nothing seems to attract him,” Rivera said. “He just went out to do his job. He didn’t look back. I think this is a confident player. Guys can learn from this: don’t worry about what’s happening here, worry about yourself.”

Fitzpatrick Say he What to spend time focusing on he Need to continue to work hard. And it doesn’t just extend to better throwing football or ensuring that the timing of the game is just right. Instead, the quarterback said that he will consider all aspects of the game: the rhythm of the line, the attitude of the receiver, the chemistry of the team, and so on.

In the past two years, Fitzpatrick Come up with some of the best numbers his Profession. his For example, the pass rating of 95.6 last season was his The second highest in 2018 after Tampa. But this success comes from a different system—a plan different from the one run by an offensive coordinator, Scott Turner.

Fitzpatrick Said Turner’s system was not “the easiest offense to learn”, and pointed out that the wording and angle of attack heI have seen it in the past site. The result is growing pains. On Thursday, the quarterback intercepted again. This time McLaughlin’s error caused cornerback William Jackson III to easily choose the sixth position. The mistake may not be Fitzpatrick’s direct fault, but the timing is not right anyway.

FitzpatrickHowever, progress is being made. McLaughlin commented on Fitzpatrick’s trust in the weapons around him. McLaughlin said that the quarterback passes the ball around and relies on his teammates for the game, adding that although the quarterback is not a big “person”, he is the kind of leader who puts players in the right place.

After the two Fitzpatrick Intercepted, the quarterback redeemed himself. on Wednesday, Fitzpatrick On the middle route, he rushed towards McLaughlin with a tight ball. On Thursday, he returned to McLaughlin to play against Jackson again, and this time, the third-year outside player pulled a deep kick on the corner kick muscle.

“He really did a good job of empowering us,” McLaughlin said.

Rivera did not indicate whether Fitzpatrick Really want to fight for the starting, I’m afraid there will be competition. This game does not seem to include Kyle Allen, who started four games in 2020 but suffered a broken ankle.Rivera said that Allen might eventually participate in the game, but so far, he has only considered Fitzpatrick And Hynek.

Fitzpatrick There seems to be no pressure. According to statistics, the quarterback performed very well under pressure on the court—— his According to data from Pro Football Focus, a completion percentage of 64.5% is one of the best in the league.So maybe he It can also deal with off-site pressure.

“Because I have more children-now seven children are coming to me-it has become more normal,” Fitzpatrick Said with a smile. “That’s my comfort zone now.”

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