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Researchers in Moscow are developing a new service that allows users to transmit digital data to their heirs, including encryption keys. Russia’s “time capsule” will be able to store and transmit other private information and records of the whereabouts of valuables.

Russian universities provide services that enable crypto investors to ensure the future of their coins

Experts from three Russian universities-Lomonosov Moscow State University, National Nuclear Research University, and Moscow State Institute of International Relations-are working to reassure cryptocurrency holders that their digital assets will not be Will be lost. RIA Novosti quoted the Russian National Technology Initiative Platform as saying that the service will be based on blockchain technology.

Project manager Dmitry Izvekov explained that the joint team is now creating a website through which people can store precious information, encrypt it and prepare it for transfer to designated people. This can only happen after certain conditions are met, and no earlier than six months after the data is uploaded. The report further details:

[The service] It will allow you to safely store digital data and assets-from passwords for social networks to keys for Bitcoin wallets.

Subscribers will be able to use Russian Time capsule You can also save photos, text files, video messages, and even the location details of valuables, for example, in the case of accidental death, these items can be passed on to the heirs. The user must send a link to the selected recipient, who must set up their own account to access the information. The time capsule will only open on a pre-specified date in the future.

The encrypted data will be stored in Siboyun, A cloud service developed by one of Russia’s largest banks, Savings bank, And back up on Dropbox and other platforms. Each user will be allowed to send two capsules for free. The creators hope to raise up to 3 million rubles (approximately US$40,000) to fund the project, and once the service is popular and provide additional services, it can be monetized.

According to a Polls The Russian business news portal RBC cited a survey conducted by the American Cremation Institute last year. 89% of cryptocurrency investors are worried about what will happen to their assets after death. However, despite the fear that cryptocurrency may be lost forever, only 23% of cryptocurrency holders have developed a digital currency plan after their death.

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