Russia’s Medvedev warns US against pressuring war crimes court

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said it was futile to try to use a court or tribunal to investigate Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warns US of Western attempts to punish nuclear powers like Russia ukraine war risk endangering humanity.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered the worst crisis in Moscow’s relations with the West since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, when many feared the world was on the brink of nuclear war.

“The entire American history since the conquest of the indigenous population of India represents a series of bloody wars,” Medvedev noted in a long post on the messaging service Telegram, citing the U.S. nuclear bombing of Japan and the Vietnam War during World War II.

“Is anyone responsible for these crimes? Which court condemns America for the sea of ​​blood shed there?”

Responding to U.S.-backed call for an international tribunal to prosecute what Russia considers war crimes in UkraineMedvedev rejected it because the US tried to “judgment others without any trial”.

nuclear threat

Medvedev said trying to use a court or tribunal to investigate Russia’s actions in Ukraine would be futile and risk global disruption.

“The idea of ​​punishing one of the countries with the greatest nuclear potential is absurd. And could pose a threat to the existence of humanity,” Medvedev, who is now deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said on Telegram.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Russia and the United States control about 90 percent of the world’s nuclear warheads, each with about 4,000 nuclear warheads.

Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president from 2008 to 2012 when Putin turned prime minister due to term limits, is widely seen in the West as more liberal than his mentor.

In recent months, however, he has sounded far tougher than the most hawkish Kremlin officials.

US President Joe Biden calls Putin a war criminal Who launched the illegal invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. is supplying weapons to Ukraine, which it says is fighting to survive.

Russia says its so-called “special military operations” are aimed at demeaning the Ukrainian army and rooting out what it calls dangerous nationalists. Putin says the US is using Ukraine to threaten Russia.

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