Russian-Ukrainian War: List of Key Events, Day 82 | Russian-Ukrainian War News

As the Russian-Ukrainian war enters its 82nd day, we take a look at the main developments.

Here are the main events so far for Monday, May 16.

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  • The Ukrainian military said Russian troops were targeting civilian and military sites in several towns in the Donetsk region, including Dovhenke, Ruski Tyshki, Ternova and Petrivka.
  • The Russian military continues to carry out shelling and airstrikes against Mariupol, especially in Azovstal Factory The place where Ukrainian fighters were trapped, according to the Ukrainian army.
  • Russia may have run out of combat-ready reservists and is recruiting soldiers from private military companies and proxy militias, and secretly mobilizing troops of untrained men — including from the Luhansk and Donetsk war institutes of conscripts said.
  • Refugees from Mariupol arrived in Ukrainian-held Zaporozhye in a large convoy of cars and vans after waiting days for the Russian military to allow them to leave.
  • Ukrainian troops still control about 10% of the eastern Luhansk region Despite Russia’s fierce attackits governor said.
  • Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says Russia is seeking to surround Ukrainian troops in the Donbas campaign.
  • Four missiles hit military infrastructure in the Yavoriv region of western Ukraine, according to the governor of the Lviv region.
  • Moscow’s Defense Ministry said at least 100 Ukrainian “nationalists” were killed when Russian troops attacked Ukrainian military command posts, ammunition depots and other military equipment.


  • President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Condemned the attack in Donetsk and said Russian troops were at a “dead end” in Ukraine.
  • The sanctions imposed on Belarus by the European Union and the United States have prevented it from exporting goods worth $16 billion to $18 billion a year to the West, Belarus Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko was quoted as saying.
  • G7 foreign ministers pledge to continue arms supplies to Ukraine and isolate Russia, and Committed to Alleviating the Global Food Shortage Caused by the War.
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kouleba met with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Berlin, Germany, and said “more arms and other aid are going to Ukraine”.


  • Finland and Sweden announce their applications to join NATOto reverse their traditional and longstanding military non-alignment policy.
  • Russia has described the Nordic country’s NATO application as a “serious mistake”.
  • Turkey has NATO demands on Finland and Sweden Member State, saying it wants both countries End support for Kurdish armed groups on their territory and lifted the ban on the sale of some weapons to Turkey.
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Russia’s war in Ukraine was not going according to Moscow’s plan.
  • Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Limets said that Sweden and Finland joining NATO would strengthen security in the Baltic region.


  • Citing government officials, Bloomberg reported that Germany plans to ban imports of Russian oil by the end of this year, regardless of whether the EU agrees to impose a ban in its next round of sanctions.
  • Zelensky urged European leaders to impose more sanctions on Russia and its energy sector, claiming that “the era of Europe’s dependence on Russian energy resources is coming to an end”.
  • Ukraine has resumed operations at two distribution stations Kharkiv Region The Ukrainian gas transportation system operator said it was resupplying gas to more than 3,000 consumers after closing gas stations as hostilities damaged a main pipeline.

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