Russia Still Strikes Eastern Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — Russia’s military machine relentlessly worked to destroy Ukrainian fortifications on Monday, as the war’s impact on food and fuel supplies increasingly affected after warnings that fighting could continue for years to global thinking.

In the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, which in recent weeks has become the focus of Moscow’s attempts to impose its will on its neighbors, the local governor said the battle for control of several villages was raging.

According to Luhansk Governor Sheryl Heyday, the villages are located near two cities in the Luhansk region that have not yet been occupied by the Russians, Vyrodonetsk and Lysichansk.

He said Russian artillery and airstrikes had intensified on the industrial suburb of Donetsk in Siver.

Heidy told The Associated Press on Monday that the situation in Sivye Donetsk was “very difficult” and that the Ukrainian army controlled only one area – the Azot chemical plant, where many Ukrainian fighters and about 500 civilians are taking refuge. .

He said the Russians kept deploying more troops and equipment in the region.

“It was hell in there. Everything was engulfed in flames and the shelling didn’t stop for even an hour,” Haidai said in written comments.

Only a fraction of the 100,000 people who lived in West Vie Donetsk before the war remained in the city, without electricity, communications, food or medicine.

Even so, Khadai said Ukraine’s stubborn resistance is preventing Moscow from deploying its resources to other parts of the country.

The British Ministry of Defense pointed out that despite Russia’s superior military assets, the war did not go as smoothly as Russia.

Russia’s defense ministry said in an intelligence report on Monday that Russia’s ground forces were “exhausted.” It blamed insufficient air support for Russia’s struggle to make faster progress on the ground.

Fueled by Russia’s war in Ukraine and the global rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, gasoline and diesel prices have soared, and drivers around the world are rethinking their habits and personal finances. Energy prices are a major driver of global inflation, which makes living more expensive.

Top EU diplomats gathered in Luxembourg on Monday for talks on Ukraine and food security.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has called on Russia to lift its blockade of Ukrainian ports to help transport millions of tonnes of food awaiting export.

“I hope — not just hope, I’m sure — the UN will eventually reach a deal,” Borrell said. “It’s unbelievable, one can’t imagine that millions of tons of wheat are still blocked in Ukraine, while in the rest of the world people are suffering (suffering) from starvation. This is a real war crime…you can’t take people’s Hunger as a weapon of war.”

Late Monday, Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov planned to auction his Nobel Peace Prize medal in New York to provide financial aid to children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Muratov won the gold medal in October 2021. He helped found the independent Russian newspaper The New Gazette, and was its editor-in-chief when it shut down in March due to the Kremlin’s crackdown on journalists and public dissent following Russia’s invasion of Russia. Ukraine.

Muratov has announced that he will donate a cash prize of $500,000 to charity. Proceeds will go directly to UNICEF to help children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Among other developments on Monday:

• Ukraine shelled a Russian village near the Ukrainian border, injuring one person, a Russian governor said. Bryansk Oblast Governor Alexander Bogomaz said a power station was hit, causing power outages in parts of the village.

• The Russian military said it hit an airfield in Ukraine’s southern Odessa region with a missile, destroying two Bayraktar drones and a drone control station. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konahsenkov said a high-precision Onyx missile hit the Artsyz airfield in the Odessa region. Earlier on Monday, the Ukrainian military said its air defenses had prevented two airstrikes in the Odessa region, destroying incoming missiles. The conflicting reports could not be immediately reconciled.


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