Russia secretly removes bodies from sunken Moscow flagship: report

Russian troops have carried out a covert mission to remove bodies from Russia’s flagship cruiser Moskva. RussiaAccording to media reports, the Black Sea Fleet was sunk by a Ukrainian missile attack in mid-April.

Ukrainian military intelligence claims Russia A two-week salvage operation following the sinking involved seven vessels.

According to the Daily Mail, “The new claim is that young naval sailors ‘drowned’ and ‘officers fled the ship like rats’.”

Estimates of casualties in the Moscow sinking vary, from a single fatality reported by Russian officials in Moscow to half of the ship’s 500 sailors, Ukrainian military analysts reported.

“They retrieved the body, removed all classified equipment and cleaned the cruiser,” Vadim Skibitsky, a spokesman for the main intelligence service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, told the Daily Mail.

Some family members of Russian sailors have accused the government of covering up the sinking and its high death toll.

“There was no rescue operation. Officers fled the ship like rats (and) sailors were abandoned,” said Dmitry Shkrebetis, father of one of the missing sailors, according to the Daily Mail. .

“Want to know why Moscow didn’t have seriously wounded sailors? Because they sank with the cruisers,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

He vowed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would “personally answer” what happened to his son Yegor and other sailors aboard the Moscow.

“He’s used to lying,” Mr Shkrebetis said.

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