Russia is “very likely” to invade Ukraine without “mass sanctions”-Schiff

The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Sunday that Russia is “very likely” to invade Ukraine and may only be intimidated by “mass sanctions.”

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Adam Schiff also said that by drawing more countries into the NATO military alliance, the invasion may backfire to Moscow.

“I also believe that a powerful deterrent is that if they do invade, they will bring NATO closer to Russia, rather than push it away,” he said.

After the California Democratic Party delivered a speech, the White House stated that Joe Biden had spoken with the President of Ukraine. Volodmir Zelensky.

White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki said in a statement: “President Biden made it clear that if Russia invades Ukraine further, the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively.”

Zelensky said on Twitter: “For the first time this year [Biden] Prove the particularity of our relationship. “

He also said that he discussed Ukraine and the United States “and their partners’ joint actions in maintaining peace in Europe, preventing further escalation, reforms, and deoligopoly. We thank Ukraine for its unwavering support.”

Russia has assembled approximately 100,000 soldiers near its border with Ukraine.Earlier this week, Biden Tell Putin said that if Russia launches an attack, the United States will impose severe sanctions on it.

The meeting is Reserve Depart for Geneva from January 9th to 10th. But as the two sides possess nuclear weapons to increase tensions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Say If “the West continues its aggressive route, Russia will be forced to take all necessary measures to ensure strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our security.”

Russia for many years complain Regarding the occupation of NATO.Ukraine is not a member of the alliance and guarantees collective defense, but NATO has expanded eastward since the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Kiev Eagerly Admission.

Russia Invade Ukrainian territory in 2014, Annexation of Crimea.

U.S. has Provide “small” weapons To Ukraine.

In the CBS “Face the Country” show, Schiff was asked what would prevent Putin from ordering an invasion.

Schiff said: “I think we need to impose large-scale sanctions on Russia to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine again.” “And I think our allies need to firmly support it. Russia needs to understand that we are united in this regard. .”

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Schiff said the invasion would bring “more NATO assets closer to Russia. [It] Will have the opposite impact on the goals Putin is trying to achieve”.

Schiff stated that he “has no problem” with “personally hunting Putin”, but believes that “sector-scale sanctions will be the most important.”

When asked if he thinks the scheduled meeting has a chance to avoid the invasion, he said: “I worry that Putin is likely to invade. Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand his full motivation for doing this now, but unless we can Convince him in other ways, otherwise he obviously did it intentionally.

“And I think that only sanctions that Russia has never seen before can stop him, and this is exactly what we need to do with our allies.”

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