Run it! Number one Bama defeated non-Power 5 Cincy 27-6 in the CFP semifinals

Arlington, Texas-Brian Robinson Jr. ran a career-high 204 yards. The No. 1 Alabama defeated the first non-final team to enter the college football playoffs. , Entered another national championship game.

Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young made three touchdown passes while evading most of the time CincinnatiIn the CFP semifinal held at the Cotton Bowl on Friday, the outstanding cornerback and Crimson Tide defeated the Pandas 27-6. This is Crimson Tide’s sixth consecutive semi-final victory.

Alabama (13-1) only missed the four-team playoffs once and will try to win the national championship for the second and fourth consecutive time in eight seasons in the CFP format with coach Nick Saban. Crimson Tide will play the 2nd ranked Michigan State or the 3rd ranked Georgia State. The previously unbeaten Alabama team defeated Securities and Exchange Commission Champion, in the National Championship on January 10 Indianapolis.

Alabama is clearly doing everything it can to minimize the influence of cornerbacks Ahmed Gardner and Kobe Bryant, and is hitting the ground with Robinson and Young throwing many short and safe passes. The situation was almost successful-although he did find Jacques Brooks a 44-yard catcher TD to lead 17-3 in a game away from a good defender, just before halftime.

Crimson Tide opened with 10 consecutive games and then placed three receivers across from Gardner, who had never given up on TD in his college career. Young spotted Slade Bolden on the left and made an 8-yard TD pass, which allowed Alabama to maintain the lead.

In Desmond Ridder (Desmond Ridder) has his own energetic quarterback, the prospect of the NFL, he just returned for an extra season for this opportunity, the Panda team (13-1) is the only one in the country The undefeated team until they face the playoff flag bearer.

Coach Luke Fickel and Cincinnati On the first Saturday of October, he won at Notre Dame Cathedral and became the first non-P5 player to enter the four-team playoffs. In the CFP semi-final Rose Bowl match held at AT&T Stadium on New Year’s Day last year, the Irish Warriors lost 31-14 to Alabama. They have not lost another game this season and ranked fifth in the final CFP rankings. Second only to the panda team that made history.

Reid was fired six times, and Bama’s foot was never injured 9 yards from the opening game of the second half. He shot 17 of 32 for 144 yards.

Yang, a 20-year-old sophomore, has the opportunity to become the fifth first-year starting quarterback in Alabama to win the national championship in 13 seasons.He completed 17 of 28 passes for 181 yards in the playoffs, which is creating a Securities and Exchange Commission Passed 421 yards in the defeat against Georgia and set a championship record three weeks after becoming the first Crimson Tide QB to win the Heisman Trophy.

His only interception occurred late in the third quarter, when he overthrew all-American receiver Jameson Williams in a group of guards and was selected by Brian Cook on the midfield mark.

Williams was aimed 8 times, 7 catches within 62 yards, the longest 20 yards.

After Cook was intercepted, the Pandas made a three-pointer for the fifth time in the game, and Reid was fired after being 10 yards behind for the third time.


Cincinnati: This is just the Bearcats’ second loss in two seasons. Both setbacks occurred in their last game. On New Year’s Day last year, they made a shot in the last second of the Peach Bowl and lost to Georgia 24-21. … Cincinnati Cole Smith (37 yards and 31 yards) scored in the opening game of each half, but struggled to move the ball out of these two drives.

Alabama: For most of this season, the Tides’ running competition has not been on track. The fifth-year senior Robinson and the rusher led by 301 yards in the semifinals. Tre Sanders had 14 passes for 67 yards. After entering the Cotton Bowl, Crimson Tide averaged 147.6 yards per game, which was their lowest title in 15 seasons under Saban’s coaching.


Cincinnati: With Ridder, “Sauce” Gardner and Bryant all over their college careers, among the more than 30 seniors on the team this year, Bearcats will have many new faces playing key roles at the beginning of the 2022 season. September 3 Day in Securities and Exchange Commission Arkansas.

Alabama: Sixth National Championship in seven years, January 10 Indianapolis Play against No. 2 Michigan State or No. 3 Georgia State.

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