Roy Evans is a soldier performing bodybuilding tasks

Professional bodybuilding enthusiasts may now know that Roy Evans was a participant in the Men’s Open, but before he entered the competition Competition stage, He played multiple roles behind the navy, but most notably as a Member of the intelligence community.

When asked about his special moments or highlights Time in the army, He admits that the service itself is what he calls the best part of his career.

Evans said: “I can support counter-terrorism operations and counter-insurgency operations around the world, and provide support for other armed forces.” “That is, I would say, the pinnacle of my service.”

Evans works in a service area that is rarely discussed for obvious reasons. He did share some insights about his goals, and the work he did was very important in protecting the United States. In some cases, this may be the difference between life and death.

“Our job is to prevent war from happening,” Evans explained. “If we are fighting the current battles, our job is to reduce and save lives as much as possible. We execute them tactically so that they are in the best interest of our national security and foreign policy goals.”

Evans himself is a third-generation soldier. He spoke proudly of the service of his predecessor.

“My father is United States Coast Guard, My uncle served in the U.S. Army, and my grandfather served in the U.S. Army during World War II,” Evans explained. He also has cousins ​​who served in the armed forces. He has no children yet, but if he has children in the future, he Will leave the service decision to them.

“It is possible, but it must be what my son or daughter wants to do. This is definitely a calling.”

This call is something that Evans attaches great importance to. Like many veterans like him, he believes this is the ultimate promise anyone can make.

“I want to tell you the truth about the service and what will follow. You issued a blank check to the government serving our country. Many of my brothers and sisters who served in the service paid the ultimate price and gave their lives, “He shared. Although Evans’s price is not the final price, he did pay a lot, and he can still feel its impact to this day. “I, myself, are a 100% disabled veteran. I have visible wounds and invisible wounds.”

How Roy Evans transformed into a bodybuilder

Roy Evans served for three years, and his career ended in an E-5 ranking. His honors include the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. After the end of his service, he turned his attention to bodybuilding. He started training at the age of 13, and eventually participated in the competition in 2001, but put this enthusiasm on hold until 2014. He continued to train, but the focus was different.

“I was in the gym, but this was not the focus of traditional bodybuilding performances,” he explained. After performing his mission in Afghanistan, he decided to go all out for bodybuilding. Seeing people lose their lives and knowing that talents are sacrificed is the reason for his transformation.

“Something suddenly sounded in my heart, and I said,’Before I die, I want to make sure I get everything to the bone. I will achieve the goals I want to achieve and live a high-quality life. When I’m dead, I don’t want to have any regrets.”

Roy Evans (Roy Evans) returned to the stage in 2014 and has risen in the amateur team. Three years later, he will stand on the stage of the 2017 National People’s Congress Youth National Competition and obtain a professional card as a classic fitness player. In 2021, he transitioned to open bodybuilding, and he did not hesitate to explain why he changed the department. In his opinion, having a title is the most important, and it is the biggest title in the sport.

“I’m very old-school about bodybuilding. When I first participated in the competition at the beginning, it was only the Men’s Open,” he shared. “My whole purpose of becoming a professional player is to compete for Sandow [Trophy]. I want to be Mr. Olympia. “

Evans’ last game was the 2021 New York Pro Tour, where he finished ninth. He does not intend to participate in the competition again before the end of 2022, but taking into account the commitments he has fulfilled so far and the efforts he has made to achieve today’s achievements. It is not wise to exclude him.

“Sir. Olympia is the king of kings. That is the best bodybuilder on the planet. I want this title.”

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