Ron Rivera is still battling the fatigue of the cancer battle

Richmond– Ron Rivera No cancer, but Washington The coach is still fighting with side effects his Treatment that lasts for several months.

During Friday’s training, the Washington football team’s field staff will regularly check Rivera — Pass he New bottled water and measure whether he It’s not bad.

the day before, Rivera Missed the team’s night exercise to relieve fatigue. Told reporters on Friday, he Admit that he is not 100%.

“to be honest, [Thursday] The afternoon was a difficult day for me,” Rivera Said Friday. “This is one of the times when I was really bored by going straight through yesterday. … it’s about [building] Restore that endurance.

“You really don’t have to do this, because in most cases, for OTA and mini camps, it’s half a day, and then I have a lot of rest.”

For training camp, Washington A two-hour exercise is held, which usually lasts from 10 am to around noon. The high temperatures in the past few days have been strong-and may even cause emotions to rise over the course of the week. In Friday’s game, Timalik Hemingway confronted defensive end Montes Sweet, and Hemingway had to be pulled to the sidelines. Then in the next game, linebacker Cole Holcomb slammed Samis Reyes’s close end-making Reyes unable to further escalate the situation.

Rivera Have to warn his The player calmed down.

he Frowned at the fighting part,” defender Brandon Scherf said almost disappointedly.

WashingtonThe day will not end with practice. afternoon, Rivera Review the movie of the day and rebound from meeting to meeting. he Until night, when Washington Practice from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm Rivera Say he Need to better find the time to rest during the day.

last year, Rivera Find time to rest if necessary. he Will always doze, even before the game. he there will be his Daughter driving he Practice and then go home and leave the facility at night than his The usual time. usually, Rivera Go to bed around 10 o’clock in the evening

Allowed timetable Rivera Don’t miss last year’s game.This usually motivates players and they notice if Rivera Can coach while suffering from cancer, they have no reason not to do their job.

Friday is the second time Rivera Was asked his The health of the reporter during the training camp. he I was asked before how he When the team arrived in Richmond on Tuesday, it felt.

“I feel really good, I’m very comfortable,” Rivera Say.

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