Ron Rivera held the same record as Jay Gruden in two seasons

Two years ago, the owner Dan Snyder introduce Ron Rivera And boasted his The new employee is the best coach of the year twice. Rivera Won the award twice Carolina Panthers.

“For those who don’t understand, it’s very, very difficult to do,” Snyder Say. “You should Google it because it’s impressive and impressive (achievement).”

if Snyder Google is going to be launched these days, however, he may find Rivera32 matches against the Washington football team his Former Jay Gruden. Both have a record of 13-19 in the first 32 games. In Snyder’s more than 20 years as the boss, none of his employees have been able to set a winning record in the first two seasons. Joe Gibbs was the closest in his second round: 16-16.

No matter how accomplished, the coach is Snyder To quickly learn to win Washington Not a simple task.

One day after the team was officially eliminated from the playoffs in a 20-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Rivera Reflects the challenge heProblems faced after taking office. This season has been a setback for the coach and the team. Last year’s surprising playoff team now has a record of 6-10, ending the season with an away game against the New York Giants, where the biggest prize—a higher draft pick this spring—falls in. In the hands of the loser.

“Trust me, I didn’t come here to think it would be an easy transition, the first two years would be great,” Rivera Say. “No. I think we exceeded our expectations for the first year, I want to enter the second year, I said…I still worry about certain things.

“Now entering the third year, I believe we have taken some major steps.”

Rivera When asked what on Monday, initially laughed he idea his The biggest challenge so far is to rebuild Burgundy and gold. he Acknowledge the number of off-site incidents-workplace sexual harassment scandals, his My own cancer struggle and COVID-19, to name a few, have been “difficult”.But after he Hone “health”-noting that the team is looking for suitable players who can “do what we want to do”, Rivera Say.

Snyder’s employees, including Rivera, Usually take over when the roster is in urgent need of upgrading.Gruden and Rivera Inherited the team that had only 3-13 the previous year.Although the number of young potential customers attracted Rivera When accepting a job, he The roster has since been turned over.

WashingtonThe return in 2021 takes place at Rivera Renovated the front desk of the team during the offseason. The team hired general manager Martin Mayhew and many senior executives who reported to it. Rivera, One of the few NFL coaches with authority on personnel affairs.

Despite the setbacks this season, Rivera Express his Full of confidence in the new structure-told reporters he Believe he and his The executives are all on the same page.

Nonetheless, stakeholders still have questions to answer in the coming months. That is, who is the quarterback of this team? Washington After free agent Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered a hip injury at the end of the season in Week 1, he has relied on substitute Tyler Haynik this season.

WashingtonHowever, the data shows that there is enough salary space to meet demand. Over The Cap expects them to rank fourth in the NFL ($61 million). on Monday, Rivera Have great expectations his The third season at the helm.

“This is what I experienced in my first two seasons in Carolina,” said Rivera, Who also started 13-19 his and Panther“Some things reflect them, some things are new and very challenging. But in the final analysis, I think the players’ position in terms of growth and development gives me reason to be optimistic.”

By the 3rd year, Rivera Said that the young players of a team should be prepared to contribute consistently.Third year in Rivera Panther, Carolina won the NFC South and entered the playoffs with a score of 12-4. That team took a step forward with a solid, young defense and an electric offense led by Cam Newton.

Washington? The team won no more than 10 games in any regular season Snyder.

“I believe we have a chance,” Rivera Say. “So, we will continue to approach it this way.”

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