Roland AeroCaster VC-01 wireless video mixer

Roland has been in the Pro AV field for some time.This AeroCaster VRC-01 It is its latest hardware product in this field, focusing on streaming media and creators. The mini video switching console runs almost entirely wirelessly and allows multi-source video settings via WiFi or cellular networks using only mobile phones and laptops.

You need to connect AeroCaster to the iPad to run the main mixing software, but all other video inputs are wirelessly input via Roland’s own AeroCaster Camera mobile app, or laptop users can share their screen remotely via Chrome. In short, if you have ever wanted to make a multi-camera podcast or music video, but don’t want to worry about multiple dedicated cameras, AeroCaster will let you do it with a mobile phone you may already have.

Roland relies on its V series Professional AV Video Switcher And blender. VRC-01 seems to be a more consumer-friendly option, focusing on Twitchers and YouTubers (although you can also stream to Facebook Live or any RTMP channel). You can switch cameras and mix audio in real time from the console. There are two combined XLR inputs for professional-grade microphone or TRS/telephone inputs and some simple audio effects, such as reverb and lip sync delay.

With some of Roland’s high-end devices and its AeroCaster Switcher app, many of the above features have become possible, but VRC-01 and the new iPad companion app seem to be more streamlined and easier to access.In many ways, it feels like video-friendly siblings GO: Mixer Pro X Both provide “professional consumer” functionality in a smaller, more affordable package.

VRC-O1 will be available in March at a price of US$295.

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