Rockstar apologizes for the damaged GTA remake and promises to fix the bug

Rockstar Games apologizes for poor game quality . It plans to fix “unexpected technical problems” and improve the three games in the collection.

“We sincerely apologize to all those who have had problems playing these games,” “The updated versions of these classic games have not been released in a state that meets our own quality standards or the standards expected by our fans.” The first update is scheduled to be released in the next few days, and it will “solve some problems.” .

It didn’t take long for players to start sharing footage of errors and malfunctions on social media. GTA III, GTA: Vice City with GTA San Andreas Arrived last week. In-depth study Grand Theft Auto III And found that there are “such obvious, harsh and ridiculous problems, it is difficult to understand how the game passes quality control.”

More importantly, rock stars The bundle shortly after the release, to “delete some data files that were inadvertently included in the new version of these games” (these files are considered to contain and the notorious ).The series can be purchased again The Rockstar Launcher service was also unavailable for more than a day, which made the collection and PC version Grand Theft Auto Online with Red Dead Online Can’t play during that time.

Shortly after the rock star For the October trilogy, it removed the original version of the game from the digital storefront.Now, the classic version GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas Will be returned to PC in the Rockstar store as a bundle. Players who bought the remastered trilogy on PC before June 30 will get the original version for free.

At the same time, Rockstar asks everyone not to attack developers on social media. It said: “We urge our community to maintain respectful and civilized discussions around this release as we solve these problems.” Grove Street Games is a port of several other Rockstar games and is responsible for making these remakes.

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