Rizzo: National “attack” transaction deadline

Mike Rizzo Acknowledge that the Nationals may become sellers before the trade deadline on Friday-but the team is not seeking a complete rebuild.

In his weekly interview In Wednesday’s game with sports fans at 106.7 The Fan, Rizzo described a smaller sell-off, which will be built around young core talent through current trading contracts and in the near future, which will help Washington move down. The season rebounded as a contender again.

Rizzo said “No one is untradeable”, but the rewards of certain players-such as Trea Turner or Juan Soto-need to be effortless.

However, there are others, including ace Max Scherzer, who may become contenders because they are in the final year of trading with the Nationals.

This is a delicate balance that can avoid complete removal, leaving the franchise in a long process of rebuilding. On the contrary, Rizzo views the big sale at this transaction deadline as an opportunity for rapid restructuring.

“I am very happy to be able to meet the deadline for this transaction,” Rizzo said. “This is not the offensive mode I want. I like to be aggressive, I like to buy, and I like to put the last part of the puzzle on the way to win the world championship. But it is also important. We must keep our ducks in order, we must proceed. Good, wise trades and deals to reorganize this thing, start hunting again and win more championships. This is our goal.”

In the past few seasons, Washington has been the buyer of deadlines. For example, the 2019 Daniel Hudson deal helped support the back end of the Nationals’ participation in the World Series. Before the 2020 season when the pandemic changes, Washington has closed above 0.500 for eight consecutive seasons.

That game ended in 2020, and despite the high expectations for this season, the reality is different. The Nationals trailed the New York Mets by 7.5 games when they entered the Eastern Conference lead of the National League on Wednesday, with an overall record of 46-54.

Rizzo said: “Our performance is not good enough to get players to help us in this game in the short term.” “We have to look at this on a global scale, to see where we are as an organization, we It must be improved to become our ongoing winner. This is our job and our goal.”

Rizzo pointed out that when he started as general manager in 2009, the team only won 59 games. In the years since then, the situation has improved rapidly, and he does not expect that the year of economic downturn in 2021 will not derail Washington.

“We know how to do this, we know how to reorganize on the fly,” Rizzo said. “We have always wanted to remain competitive. Our ownership is very, very competitive. They provide us with resources to do really good things. We will reach a good and prudent deal before the deadline and improve our organization and club . Our goal is to win now—it has always been and always will be. But at the same time, looking at the future and creating a sustainable winner, hey, it’s not shameful to take a step back after winning a ten-year competitive baseball game .”

Rizzo pointed out how Washington became interested in the club’s 28-year-old star shortstop Turner. Turner tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday night, but this did not cool down trade rumors, especially during his season when he reached 0.322. Rizzo said that for Turner to transfer-he is still on contract next season-a “we can’t refuse” offer is needed.

He also admitted that Scherzer may transfer and is very interested in the 37-year-old starter’s 2.83 ERA. Scherzer has 10-5 rights, which means he can influence any trading destination because he spent 10 years in the majors and five seasons in a team. According to Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, his ideal destination seems to be a competitor on the West Coast.

However, no matter what happens in the next few days, it will not change Rizzo’s vision for the team in the next few years.

“We are here to compete,” Rizzo said. “We are here to win the championship. This is our goal next year. We will attack it when the time is right. Now is the trade deadline. We have locked in and are doing our best to help the team. This will be an exciting few days. “

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