Rivian’s electric pickups and SUVs officially have more than 300 miles of cruising range

in a , Rivian will begin shipping its first R1T pickup and R1S SUV “Launch Edition” models to consumers. If you have been considering booking one of these cars, you must make a decision based on the company’s internal estimates. no longer.The Environmental Protection Agency announced the official After testing R1S and R1T.

According to the EPA, with Rivian’s 135kWh power pack, the R1T can travel 314 miles (about 505 kilometers) on a single charge, while the R1S can travel 316 miles when fully charged. In 2022, Rivian will provide a “Max” package, the company estimates that each charge can provide about 400 miles of cruising range. The automaker promised to share more details about its EPA certification soon.

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