Rivian may build its first international electric car factory in the UK

Rivian may not just focus on Expand its production in the U.S.. Sky news source It is claimed that electric car designers are negotiating with the British government to build a manufacturing plant near Bristol.The discussion has not yet entered an advanced stage, but it is reported that the focus is on production vehicle Self rather than battery, although there is an all-encompassing space Tesla-style Gigafactory.

Competitors’ proposals came from Germany and the Netherlands, Sky claim. However, if the British factory does continue, the government may invest “far more than” 1 billion pounds (approximately US$1.39 billion). Rivian declined to comment.

There must be pressure to commit to international expansion. Rivian has only one plant, formerly the Mitsubishi plant in Illinois. It has just announced plans for a second US plant, which may also produce batteries.This production volume may limit potential sales, especially outside of North America, and may hinder Amazon launches electric delivery truck.

This can help Rivian scale up to fight Tesla and VolkswagenBoth are rapidly developing their electric vehicle manufacturing bases.British plan Prohibition of the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles In 2035, this means shifting local production to electric vehicles. The Rivian factory can help the country transition to electric vehicle manufacturing, not to mention encouraging sales, thereby making it more acceptable to the public.

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