Riots in Solomon Islands continue, Prime Minister blames foreign powers | Protest News

With the arrival of the Australian police, robbery and violence in the capital continued for the third day.

Prime Minister Manasi Sogavare said on Friday that foreign countries are responsible for the dissatisfaction that led to a three-day violent protest in the Solomon Islands. The police repelled protesters who tried to enter Sogavare’s private residence.

Agence France-Presse quoted reporters at the scene as saying that the police fired tear gas and warnings at the protesters. The organization has set fire to at least one building in the area.

Sogavare announced on Wednesday that the country’s capital, Honiara, has imposed a 36-hour curfew, but the protesters were indifferent to the blockade measures.

Many of them are from the most populous province of Malaita and oppose Sogavare’s sudden decision to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2019 and instead establish formal ties with China.The leader of Maretta still Keep in touch with Taiwan And received huge aid from Taipei and Washington.

Sogavare said the anger was caused by foreign countries who did not want to be named.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sogavare said: “I feel sorry for my people in Marletta because they are filled with false and deliberate lies about conversion.”

“These countries that are currently affecting Marletta are countries that do not want to establish relations with the People’s Republic of China. They are preventing the Solomon Islands from establishing diplomatic relations and complying with international law and UN resolutions.”

On November 26, 2021, buildings in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, burst into flames.The government’s curfew does nothing to stop protesters who want the prime minister to resign [Charley Piringi/AFP]

Before the 2019 decision, the Solomon Islands was one of a dozen Pacific islands that recognized Taiwan, and Taipei accused Beijing of using “Dollar diplomacy“Forcing countries to cut off ties with autonomous islands.

Transform Aqorau, a Solomon Islands resident, said more than 100 people robbed shops in Honiara.

“The scene here is really messy. It’s like a war zone,” Aqorau told Reuters by phone. “There is no public transportation, and it’s very hot, very hot. The building is still burning.”

After Sogavare’s request, the first Australian police arrived in the country on Friday help.

The Solomon Islands, east of Papua New Guinea, has struggled with unrest and political violence since its independence from the United Kingdom in 1978.

Competition between the most populous island of Maleta and the central government on Guadalcanal has repeatedly led to conflicts, and Maleta complained that it had been ignored.

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