Revuto becomes the first Cardano native asset listed on both top exchange KuCoin and

The notable CEX listing opened the floodgates for Revuto user acquisition

Blockchain startup Revuto is a platform that enables users to easily manage and pay subscription fees using cryptocurrencies. The platform has announced the listing of its Cardano native REVU token on top centralized exchanges Kucoin and Gate.ioStarting from January 7, 2022, retail investors can purchase tokens through any of these platforms and become part of the Revuto community.

Revuto It is the first dApp on Cardano, which aims to use Cardano’s native tokens and DeFi solutions to help users pay for subscription fees and save money without being affected by fluctuations in the crypto market. After closing its very successful public token sale, Revuto became the first project to launch a mobile wallet and ICO (Initial Token Offering) on ​​Cardano. In addition, the platform’s REVU token is also the first Cardano local asset to be listed simultaneously on the two most famous centralized exchanges.

Throughout 2021, the Revuto team has witnessed rapid growth, raising $10 million within minutes of the IPO. The platform’s subscription management dApp also received more than 3 million early registrations. In addition, in the past six months, more than 300,000 users worldwide have registered for the Revuto dApp, making it the fastest-growing fintech startup in the world.

Simplify your subscription management experience

With the exponential growth of subscription-based services, the blockchain-based startup Revuto aims to simplify users’ subscription management experience while providing them with more control and transparency.

To further advance their mission, the Revuto team recently launched their dApp on Cardano, enabling users to manage and pay for existing (and new) subscriptions using encryption and DeFi services. Cardano-native using Revuto REVU token, Users can pay subscription fees at a lower cost than debit and credit cards, and earn additional revenue by collateralizing tokens.

In the next few days, the Revuto team will launch their virtual debit card to allow users to manage subscription seasonality and use Cardano’s native token to pay for subscriptions. The platform also aims to introduce Defi services, including liquidity pools for small loans and lending.

Vedran Vukman, CEO and co-founder of Revuto, commented on the development of the platform and the upcoming CEX listing, “After becoming the first ICO, releasing the first Cardano lite wallet and breaking records as we grow, we are proud to be able to create history again with REVU-we are now the first in the first level of CEX, KuCoin and Gate .io listed company.”

Vukman concluded, “Our spirit is to only work with the best people; to ensure that our customers and investors enjoy the best products and returns. This may take longer, and it is usually a more difficult way-but it is to build a long-term The right way to value.”

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