Review: Sportsmate 5 Fitness Exoskeleton

Winter my The nose becomes very cold, very quickly. Whether I am at home or on the street, my nose—unlike any other part of my body—will become cold and disrupt any activity I engage in. A few weeks ago, after years of pain, I bought a nose warmer. Yes, They do exist. Technically speaking, mine is a purple wool cup with a strap: slide your nose into it and it will stay warm. The problem is solved—at least I think so.

What I did not consider when buying a nose warmer is gaze. Try to take a walk with a nose warmer. Even in boring London-even after two years of widespread wearing masks-people will look at you, make faces at you, and most likely judge you for wearing wool on your nose. Now I only wear nose warmers outdoors when absolutely necessary; I use it mainly in the comfort of my home. This brings me to a question: if the world cannot cope with a warm nose, will it be ready for the exoskeleton?

The company Enhanced Robotics based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen created Sportsmate 5. On the surface, it looks like a rather delicate tool belt. In fact, it is an exoskeleton-a wearable robot that can improve physical performance-designed for athletes and people who like sports.

Enhanced Robotic hopes that Sportsmate 5 will become the first consumer-grade exoskeleton ever: At present, this type of machine is either developed for soldiers on foot (Darpa has already Funding technical research Decades) or used as a mobile auxiliary device in a medical environment People who have suffered spinal cord injury.

Photo: Nick Wilson/Enhanced Robot

The Sportsmate 5 stadium is completely different: it hopes to help you run faster or longer without feeling too tired, it hopes to be an all-encompassing device to add interest to your weight exercise.The project has so far Raised over $119,000 on Kickstarter-Exceeding the initial target of US$7,500-If everything goes according to plan, the first batch of equipment will be shipped at a price of US$1,458 next May. Take the risk and pay your money immediately, which will drop to $899. But is it worth the bet? Fortunately, Enhanced Robotics sent me a prototype to try.

The design of Sportsmate 5 is very simple: it is a plastic waistband-lined with an inflatable airbag to provide a tight fit-with two small motors or actuators located on the wearer’s hip joints. The actuator is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion 3,000-mAh/22.2V battery placed on the back of the waistband, and controls two segmented metal rods, which are buckled on a pair of fabric leg straps in turn and wrapped around the thigh.

There are multiple sizes of exoskeleton-I have to provide my waist and thigh measurements-in the final version, it should weigh 2.5 kg and include two shoulder straps. My prototype is a bit heavy (about 3.5 kg) and does not have a shoulder kit.

Hanqi Leon Zhu, the founder and CEO of Enhanced Robotics, is more than just random Robocop enthusiasts: he is an accomplished mechanical and electrical engineer with a successful academic career. The company says that in addition to working with trainers and athletes , It is also collaborating on “exoskeleton research”. “Together with scholars from the University of Michigan and Clemson University. Indeed, Mr. Zhu gave it all PhD thesis, Published at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2020, it aims to develop a new type of inexpensive and user-friendly medical exoskeleton.

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