Researchers have made a better miniature speaker that can change the rules of the game

Thanks to the new design of the micro speaker, wireless earbuds will soon be so small that they won’t be noticed at all when worn Completely by silicon.this method Replace traditional speaker design Rely on magnets and moving Sound chip It can also significantly extend battery life, making these devices less dependent on charging boxes.

In just a few years, Wireless earbuds have changed from expensive, sophisticated accessories that are not very comfortable to wear to affordable, discreet, sound quality and functionality comparable to larger over-ear headset alternatives.However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in wireless earplugs. One factor hindering them is the use of miniature speakers, which have almost the same functions as the first-generation speakers. Inventors like Edison created it about 150 years ago: an electromagnet vibrates the membrane back and forth, pushing the air to produce sound waves, which our ears interpret as sound.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, but a German start-up company called Arioso Systems (a spin-off company from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems) thinks it has proposed a different and better one. Method to produce sound on a smaller scale-it is called Nano Electrostatic Driver (NED) mini speaker, which completely eliminates magnets and moving membranes.

Human hearing still relies on detecting sound waves propagating in the air. Therefore, Arioso Systems’ NED chip has replaced the diaphragm of a traditional speaker with a series of thin beams inside. The length of each beam is only 20 microns. Voltage. The movement of the light beam pushes air out through a series of vents on the front and back of the chip, generating pressure fluctuations in the ear, and then moving the eardrum to produce audible sound.

The small size of the NED mini speaker chip is not its only advantage. Their creators claim that they are made entirely of silicon, and mass production using existing manufacturing techniques is easy and affordable, and that simple moving parts will extend the battery life of wireless earbuds by several hours. Considering how the new miniature speaker works by generating pressure fluctuations in the ear, it may be best suited for in-ear wireless earbuds with silicone earbuds that form an airtight seal when worn, but if it manages to do this, it seems like a small Small compromises alleviate concerns about battery life.

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