Republicans say Google spam filter lost $2 billion from donors

Google’s practice of filtering Republican campaign emails into spam filters has cost the party $2 billion in lost donations since 2019, Republican lawmakers and Republican National Committee chairmen said.

Republicans counted on a North Carolina State University study that found that Google, the nation’s largest email platform, flagged more Republican campaign emails as spam than Democratic emails during the 2020 election season, ending up with only 32% of Republican emails are sent to the inbox.

“Big tech has been suppressing the Conservative voice and has been active against Republicans for multiple cycles.”

“Google’s email suppression — which has impacted Republican fundraising and GOTV efforts — is another egregious example. Silicon Valley oligarchs are suppressing political free speech,” they said in a statement.

Google denies filtering spam for political purposes and says email users can set their preferences to prevent campaign emails from ending up in spam folders.

A North Carolina State University study released in March found that Outlook and Yahoo filter more Democratic emails into spam folders.

House and Senate Republicans introduced legislation earlier this year that would bar Google and other email platforms from filtering campaign emails as part of what they see as an overall effort to target the GOP’s massive tech censorship.

In a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission earlier this year, Republicans reported that Republican conservative candidates raised $737 million from Gmail users in 2019 and 2020, the Republican fundraising platform WinRed. “We estimate that Republicans thus missed out on $1.5 billion in donations in the 2020 election cycle and over $2 billion since 2019.”

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