Republican Congressman Jeremy Faison of Tennessee dropped out of high school basketball game

Nashville, Tennessee — A senior Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives apologized for losing his temper after a conflict with a referee and being expelled from watching a high school basketball game. According to the video footage, the riot included failed attempts to pretend or try to pull down the official’s pants.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives Jeremy Faison, 45, posted on Twitter he “Being silly tonight, tantrums with the referee.”

“I want he Come hit me. Completely lost my trash and was started from the gym,” Fasson Write. “I never really lost my temper, but I lost my temper tonight, which is totally stupid to me.

“Emotions that hinder rational thinking are never a good thing. I hope I can find ref and ask his forgive. I was wrong. “

Providence College, a private religious school in Johnson City, broadcast the boys’ game against Lakewood Christian College, a private religious school in White Pines, on Tuesday.Video source display Fasson The player sitting in the stands hit the ground with a loose ball in the third quarter, stimulating the referee’s whistle and a brief scuffle between the two teams.

According to the video, Fasson Appeared on the court to talk to the referee. The referee seemed to be penalizing a technical foul. Fasson Show pointing to the referee’s face with a finger and then making a gesture, as if he Attempt to pull down the referee’s pants.

The referee’s pants are up Fasson Then he walked away.

FassonSenator Cosby has been chairman of the Republican Caucus of the House of Representatives since 2019.

exist his Apologize, Fasson Write “Years” he I once thought that it was wrong for parents to lose their temper during sports events, saying that “not Christians, immature, embarrassing children”. Fasson There is no special mention of the posture of pulling the pants his postal.

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